Comic Amy Schumer Still Getting Flak, Comedy Central Sheen Roast (Video)

Some people just don’t get it.  It’s a roast.  No holds barred.  Even for Ryan Dunn, the Jackass that decided to take his car and flip it over on a highway outside of Philadelphia earlier this year.

Seems Ryan Dunn made a jackass move himself by imbibing in several alcoholic beverages prior to jumping behind the automobile, taking his life and his passenger’s.

Amy Schumer - Comedy Central's Roast of Charlie Sheen

But did comedienne Amy Schumer cross a line with the joke she made toward another Jackass in Steve-O during the Charlie Sheen roast?

You can watch the clip below but Amy Schumer is trending pretty hot right now on the web for her joke that many thing crossed the line.  In my opinion everything is on the table if you attend one of any roast on Comedy Central.  But watch the clip yourself and you can judge if she crossed the line.

Her joke about the deceased funnyman was just part of the risk you take when you sit on that stage.  Was it too soon?  Yes, some would say.  But nothing is out of bounds on that network and that show.

Rick Thomas

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