Comedian Kathy Griffin and 'Mama Grizzly' Sarah Palin War of Words

Well Kathy Griffin may have dumped her reality show (praise Jesus!) and Sarah Palin’s chances of being President some day are none to negative slim (praise Jesus!) but the media world seems to want to continue to put these two people in front of a camera.

kathy-griffin-sarah-palinKathy’s all over the place these days, including an upcoming hit on ‘Glee,’ which will make me think of not watching another episode of that show.  And Sarah Palin keeps on keeping on with her time on FOX News Channel as an analyst until she announces her run for President when at that point FOX News will put her on suspension as they did with Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum (why he’s running for anything is a huge question) which may make me actually tune in to that network to watch Glenn Beck’s ratings drop even more.

OK I digress, but just for a moment.

Kathy Griffin is annoying.  Sarah Palin is not far behind the comedian.  But to be honest, I really think Sarah Palin is more funny as a politician than Kathy Griffin is as a comedian.

That’s cold.  But true.

Now the war of words continues.  Griffin has blasted Palin, her children, her husband, even busted Sarah a new one when Grif did a show up in Anchorage.  And Sarah Palin had a few choice words for Kathy Griffin.  Watch the video.  That will be enough.

Oh yeah, Kathy will play a Tea Party type on her episode on FOX’s ‘Glee.’

I love this stuff, I really do.

Rick Thomas

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