Racist Rant as CNN Fires 'Rick's List' Host Rick Sanchez

Racist Rant as CNN Fires ‘Rick’s List’ Host Rick Sanchez…What an idiot.  Maybe a moron.  And to make such a mistake with the massive changes coming to CNN, Rick Sanchez must have left his brain in his toilet.

CNN fired the midday host of ‘Rick’s List’ not because he has no ratings on the slowly fading cable network but because he said something relatively stupid during a radio interview.

Radio.  Red hot because it seems to get people fired.  Remember Dr. Laura Schlesinger.

Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez

Seems Sirius XM Radio is the place where Sanchez went postal on Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart.  Sanchez believes, according to his rant on Pete Dominick’s Sirius XM show, that Steward is a bigot and says that CNN is “run by Jews.”

Earth to dumb ass Rick Sanchez, YOU WORK FOR CNN!!!

Sanchez is Cuban American which makes his removal from CNN extremely sad as you don’t find too many TV hosts of such descent on-air that have such a viable and visible position on a network.

Although maybe 46 people watched his show.

And with the change at the top of CNN, ridding themselves of  just about everyone at this point is a lot easier when you give your boss a simple reason.

Stupid.  Absolutely stupid.

Rick Thomas


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