"Climb that tree, Oscar Pistorius," Said Mommy to Olympics All New 'Bionic Man' (Videos)

He’s the latest superhero.  No we’re not talking about Batman in Dark Knight Rises or anything.  No way.  We’re talking about the Bionic Man in this year’s summer Olympics who is about to become the world’s rising star, that being runner Oscar Pistorius who has won over lots of us interested in this year’s games.

Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius

Yeah, yeah that fella Michael Phelps won a few more medals. right?  Yeah he’s now at the top of the list in more medals won by any Olympian and sure it’s a big deal.  But Oscar Pistorius has faced and beaten challenges like no other.

Yep, that picture of him with prosthetic limbs on both legs is how runner Oscar Pistorius is competing  in this year’s summer Olympics.  And he’s kicking butt.

Oscar Pistorius lost both of his legs in 1986.  Six months after he was born without a fibula in both of his limbs.  His parents made the decision to remove them after a doctor in Oscar Pistorius’s South African country told his parents that Oscar Pistorius would have an easier time learning to walk with prosthetic legs.

Little did they know that Oscar Pistorius would not only learn to walk…but run in to Olympic history.

Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius

These are the times you like to really watch the Olympics.  Gotta say I haven’t personally cared much about the Olympics in the past.  But there are stories, plenty of stories all over these games that you just have to follow.  The story about Oscar Pistorius is surely one story that truly engaging.

He ran the 400 meter contest in 45.44 seconds.  That is amazing.  John Leicester from the Seattle Times phrased Oscar Pistorius’s effort “how absured it is to think of him as disabled.”

Today we will see if Oscar Pistorius can finish his personal journey.  Clearly he is taking the “dis” out of “disabled’ and throwing it under a bus.  Clearly it is time for those of us who whine and moan about small injuries and issues with our bodies can look at Oscar Pistorius and be still.  And quiet.  What Oscar Pistorius has done in his life is simply amazing.  Let’s hope he can move on to the next round.

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