'Charlie's Angels' Fun, Eye Candy, Not Much Else, and Kinda Like the Original

There’s nothing better than watching three women bounce around on your TV screen in short skirts and shorts, revealing tops and heels.  That’s Charlie’s Angels for guys.  For ladies Ramon Rodriguez (Bosely) will get your juices going as he steps out of the pool shirtless in one scene of the new ABC series.

But that’s about it.

Nobody can act on this show.  But in the original Charlie’s Angels back in the 70’s, well that cast couldn’t act either.  But who cares.  It’s all about the eye candy, right?

Minka Kelly (Eve) and Rachael Taylor (Abby) in ABC’s ‘Charlies Angels’

Yeah that’s what you’re about to get if you watch Charlie’s Angels.  OK this show is as dumb as the original but I gotta tell you it’s not so dumb that it’s not worth the hour.

Rachael Taylor plays Abby Sampson, Annie Illonzeh is Kate Prince and Minka Kelly is Eve French in the new ABC kinda comedy drama and make up Charlie’s Angels.  A perfect series for ABC to continue to reach out to women who tend to think ABC is the place to be for viewing TV shows.

What will get these women watching this show will be what’s in new fashion-wise.  But the questions remain will there be an audience for Charlie’s Angels?  With the number of really well written and well produced new shows on TV this season, Charlie’s Angels could be that show that stands out as really different.

Cause it’s dumb.

Other than that, there’s not a lot to say about this show except you get exactly what you should get from this show.  A little fun, a little drama, a little nonsense, a lot of skin and limited quality acting.  Nothing more.

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