Charlie Sheen Ex, Reality TV Person Brooke Mueller Jammed Up on Assault, Nose Candy Beef

Seems like a long time since we did a story putting the word Charlie in front of the word Sheen.  And this time the guy who we love to pick on because we regularly ask how a fool making close to a million bucks can screw that up is not part of this story.

His baby’s mama is the focus of this one.

Charlie Sheen and ex -wife Brooke Mueller

Brooke Mueller get herself in a mess in Aspen, Colorado once again.  Last time her ex-husband held a knife to her throat after a night of partying and drinking.  Now she’s the one being charged with assault and cocaine possession after a flap at a bar in the resort city.

Mueller, who has had her share of vacation time at many very well known rehab centers, was in a bar with an interesting and got in to it with an unidentified woman.  Belly Up, a place where most people with substance issues would tend to avoid, apparently went one on one with another woman at the bar who flagged down cops to tell them of the assault.

When cops caught up to Mueller she was holding an unspecified amount of cocaine and booked on possession with intent to distribute which means she was holding a significant amount of the drug.  She also took the assault charge as well.

Mueller was released on $11,000 bail.

Could be time for a Dr. Drew intervention but with the list of celebrities who relapse another option might work here.

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