Celebuzz! First Look at Johnny Depp as 'Barnabas Collins' in 'Dark Shadows'

Dark Shadows fans wait no more.  And you new kids on the block who didn’t grow up in the 1970’s you’re just going to want to see the next big movie featuring Johnny Depp in a major role.  And any Twilight fans or Vampire Diaries watchers here comes the next big piece of content featuring people who live in caskets and only come out at night.

Johnny-Depp as 'Barnabas Collins' in 'Dark Shadows' the Movie (Photo Courtesy Celebuzz!)

For the record school used to get out at 3PM and as a kid we would run home to watch Dark Shadows at 3:30PM on ABC TV.  Jonathan Frid play the role of the scary Barnabas Collins for five years on the daytime drama series that featured my first look at vampires.

Now Johnny Depp is reprising the role of Barnabas Collins on the big screen and the move is in full production.  Celebuzz! has the exclusive photos on-set of Dark Shadows the movie and we’re going to send you over the link to check them all out.

As an old school fan of Dark Shadows the TV show, I can’t wait for Dark Shadows the movie.


Rick Thomas

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