VH1's 'Celebrity Rehab' Wants Lindsay, Jennifer Capriati

Lindsay Lohan

Well Dr. Drew Pinsky would love to have Lindsay Lohan on board for his struggling VH1 show but she’s on her way to the slammer for 90 days soon.  And with her famous finger to the judge that handed down that sentence she could be looking at more time. 

She turned down a million big ones from ‘Celebrity Rehab’ and continued to party so that mistake cost her freedom.  Had it not been for her limited talent, Lindsay Lohan would have been known probably for a guest slot on Maury Povich’s daytime show with him shouting “…you are the father!” to one of her trailer flings.

Sorry Doc.  Lindsay’s not available.

Jennifer Capriati

Jennifer Capriati

Now ‘Celebrity Rehab’ wants Jennifer Capriati to join the ranks after she tried to OD on prescription  pills and the production team is offering her big bucks to expose herself to this mess of a reality show. 

Who the hell would want to do this?  That’s why they’re having such a crappy time finding people to sign up for the show.  Most are either already legally housed in a holding facility like Lohan and DMX will be and are or just don’t want any part of this stupid friggin’ show.

Step up Tila Tequila, recently battered by San Diego Charger Shawn Merriman, one of her many exes.  She’s broke and needs the money.   Then Laguna Beach person Jason Wahler.  Both would have to get naked for anyone to tune in to see them.

Heather Locklear turned the show down as she just finished a stint in rehab for prescrption pills and doesn’t seem ready to delete the local snow man habit she currently has.  Charlie Sheen turned them down as well since he’s up for sentencing for taking a knife to his wife’s neck.  And Brooke Mueller, the knifee, told them to take a hike as well.

Los Angeles…what a town!!!



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