CBS Schedules Paula Abdul's 'Live to Dance' Up Against 'American Idol'

Oh this is really nasty.  Really.  Does CBS have a pair of big ones or what?  And is this the nail in the coffin for ‘American Idol’ because CBS is kicking tail in the ratings and will have a solid viewing audience to recycle in to Paula Abdul’s new ‘Live to Dance’ reality show debuting on the network on Tuesday January 4th.  The the show will move to Wednesday’s at 8:30PM.

And yes, it will premiere at the same time FOX is thinking about putting ‘American Idol’ in it’s usual 8:30PM time slot.

Oh yeah this is going to be so much fun!

Paula Abdul at the New York City 'Live to Dance' Auditions

Paula Abdul at the New York City 'Live to Dance' Auditions

The TV ratings people are going to be up late the first night ‘Live to Dance’ goes up against ‘American Idol’ and on and on as these two series, if this happens, go up against each other.

The promotional activity for both of these shows for January launches will be massive.  Can Paula beat out her old show in the ratings?  Will ‘Idol’ make a comeback and lead the way once again as America’s most watched reality show.

Stay tuned.

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