Carson Daly's 'Last Call' Coming Back

With the late night mess over at NBC this year with Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, Carson Daly quietly stayed away from battles, keeping his head down, yet still threatened with being canceled.

So he was smart and kept his radio gig.  Just in case.

NUP_132551_0019Seems late nights at NBC are stable.  Extremely stable as the network decided to renew ‘Last Call with Carson Daly.’  This will be season 10 for Carson’s show.  When the Leno-O’Brien muck was still raging Carson Daly was on the bubble as NBC was trying to figure out what do with after the 10PM Jay Leno Show was canceled because of awful rating.

Gee that seems like light years ago, doesn’t it?  That 10Pm Jay Leno Show.

After the cancellation and talk of putting Jay and Conan in the late night slot back to back, Carson was about to be canceled.  Once NBC decided that making two mistakes with Jay Leno probably would not be best for any of their management careers, the network decided to take the ‘frat boy’ humor filled Conan O’Brien and send him over to TBS where his new show will premiere November 8.

Now NBC is back to normal at late night.  Hello Carson Daly.


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