'Carmageddon' is Really 'Carmaheaven' as Media Frenzy Totally Overblown

We’re right in the middle of Carmageddon.  If you live in Los Angeles today the highways and biways all over the city are barren of four wheel traffic.  Even the city streets are empty.  There was more traffic during the Royal visit last weekend, a lot.  But watching the local news here on Los Angeles television is like watching the aftermath of an earthquake.  Or Katrina.

All for nothing.  What a big waste.  TV station news divisions were hoping for the worst.  Hey, then there’s a story right.  Even the traffic people on local TV are saying “wow” there’s really nothing going on out on the roads of any significance.  But then on the other hand as you can be real critical of local news coverage of the big dig on the 405, you gotta give local TV and radio media some serious props.

Along with the city of Los Angeles.

The pre-planning of informing everyone in Los Angeles of the billion dollar construction plan was simply amazing.  You would have to have been lost in space if you weren’t hit with the messaging from everywhere and everyone about the closing of one of the most traveled pieces of road in America.  The Mayor of Los Angeles, Anthony Villaraigosa, hit pretty much every TV and radio station in town with the news that being on the road this weekend would be a serious mistake.  Buses were giving riders free transportation on 26 lines and several subway lines running through the city were also at no cost for the weekend.

Just shows that pre-planning works out really well.  When you know of an issue like Carmageddon, you can make your plans around it like we all did.  Stay at home, walk, stay in the neighborhood, go see Harry Potter, do anything that does not require you to be out on the road.  Be anywhere near the 405.

For all of the negative naysayers, as in some in the media that expected and wanted catastrophe, maybe next year.  We will be doing it all over again here in Los Angeles.  One more time residents here will have to endure another construction project on another major highway but if this is any indication of how all goes well with proper planning maybe TV stations won’t make such a big deal about it right?


Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas/rick@realtvcritics.com

Rick Thomas/rick@realtvcritics.com

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