"Bye, bye, so long, farewell...I'll be back," Say 'Good Morning America's Robin Roberts

Well I gotta say this is personal.  It’s been a pretty bad week or a couple of weeks for me.  This whole fight against breast cancer is taking it’s toll.  One friend had a double mastectomy last week.  I’ve known her for over 10 years now and her battle has not been one that has been easy.  Another friend’s daughter who is only 32 years of age went through the same procedure this summer.

Yes just 32.

My friend, well she’s not having a good time right now.  It hasn’t been easy for her over the last six months of dealing with a child, her only child, with breast cancer.  It’s been an effort to get her the emotional help she needs to deal with this disease.

Robin Roberts Says Goodbye for Now on 'Good Morning America'

Robin Roberts Says Goodbye for Now on 'Good Morning America'

I have another friend her age that was diagnosed at 18 years old.  18 years of age.  Yes, this definitely has been a rough week for me.

And then my own mother.  Well she’s a 20 plus year survivor of breast cancer.

Some good news, right?


So I turned on Good Morning America this Thursday morning.  Gotta give NBC”s Today Show some credit.  Matt Lauer gave me the impetus to turn on Good Morning America as even he mentioned the battle that Robin Roberts is experiencing with her post breast cancer diagnosis. And that today was her last day.  Probably for a very long time.  Before she returns to Good Morning America.

Oh yeah, I’ve had better weeks.

But then, remember, there’s mother.  There is a reason to be positive.  There really is.

Robin Roberts is simple awesome.  A fighter.  An amazing talent.  And she will be taking leave from Good Morning America to begin her medical leave from a bone marrow transplant.

This will not be an easy leave as Robin Roberts is expected to be out of action for a minimum of four months.  A long four months that will take her away from the ongoing battle with the Today Show as Good Morning America is now number one in audience delivery.

I read an article about how this may affect that battle.  What the hell is wrong with people in the media?  Who cares about ratings.  I guess emotionally I have a different thought process about this.

Let’s see.  Ratings…dying of breast cancer.

Robin Roberts is a fighter.  She will win this battle, God be my witness.  As I told my friend that was diagnosed at 18 years of age it was not time for her to leave me.

Yeah I’m a selfish sonofabitch aren’t I?

Better than doing a write-up about how Robin Roberts loss will affect the ratings over at Good Morning America.

There’s a better day coming for all of those affected by this malady called breast cancer.  Robin Roberts will win.  All of those in my circle will win.  As they have.  So I’m looking forward…four months from now.  When Robin Roberts returns to Good Morning America.

Rick Thomas



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