'Beverly Hills Cop' Television Show, Eddie Murphy Involved...Why Not!

So Eddie Murphy is not expected to take a role in the proposed television version of Beverly Hills Cop but he’s working with a huge name that has solid credentials and this could be a reality.  Shawn Ryan, the brains behind one of TV’s most gritty cop dramas in The Shield on FX, is joining the group including Eddie Murphy to pitch the small screen version of Beverly Hills Cop.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

Axel Foley will return but Eddie Murphy is not expected to play the city trained now moving up to the West Side of Beverly Hills Cop.  Eddie Murphy is looking at a behind the scenes role and an occasional part in the new production that is being put together by Sony Pictures.   Axel Foley is going to be in Detroit as the Chief of Police while his son will be the Beverly Hills Cop in the proposed new TV series.

There were three versions of Beverly Hills Cop on the big screen which starred Eddie Murphy created between 1984 and 1994.  The movies grossed over $700 million and turned out to be the best of the best for Eddie Murphy.  A fourth Beverly Hills Cop film was on tap but never materialized.

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