Bethenny Frankel's Daytime Talk Show, Fuhgettaboutit!!! Dead Before Arrival

Gee another daytime talk show…don’t we have enough?

I don’t know about anyone else but there are more daytime talk programs on television that there’s no end to the genre that has grown extensively since Oprah left to start OWN and networks dumped soap opera programming.

Almost has you really missing One Life to Live and The Guiding Light.  Because if you get past maybe Dr. Drew Pinky’s LifeChangers daytime show, the rest is nothing more but crap.

Makes you really look forward to Intelligent Talk coming from Katie Couric next fall.

'Bethenny Ever After's Bethenny Frankel

But anyway with the plethora of daytime talk pr0grams on today there’s one that was on the development block that was dropped faster than an assistant basketball coach at Syracuse University who likes putting his hands on little boys.  That’s former Bravo reality star Bethenny Frankel’s advice talk program that no TV stations wanted to air.

Here’s the problem.  With show’s like Anderson Cooper, Bill Cunningham (who?), Drew and a few others along with Ellen and The View, plus Katie, Steve Harvey, Jeff Probst and others, there really wasn’t a lot of air space left for Bethenny Frankel.

Now it’s no longer on the pitch block.  The show, which was looking to get started in fall 2012, is DOA and will not get a green light as they call it in the TV business.

No major TV station group would pick up the show which every new program needs to get a head start on what is called clearance in the television world.  That’s pretty much a no go if a FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS or even Sinclair group of TV stations decide not to pick up the show.

What’s next for Bethenny?  Bethenny Ever After is going in to a new season on Bravo.

Rick Thomas

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