Bad Week for MTV, Now 'Jersey Shore' Italy Gets Whacked

First there was the backlash on the MTV show ‘Skins’ which tanked in the ratings this week.  Now Snooki’s trip with her pals to film ‘Jersey Shore’ in Italy is coming under fire as well.

Yeah it’s been a rough week for the execs running Viacom.

MTV will be taking the cast of the hit television show on the road for season four.  And production is expected to begin in the Spring with airing of the Italy episodes later this year.  But once again the National Italian American Foundation, which blasted the show when it first began on MTV, is on a war path again saying the image portrayed on the program of American youth is not something that needs to be sent overseas.

Jersey Shore castJoseph V. Del Raso told the Hollywood Reporter “American youth has so much to offer the modern world and it is certainly not represented by the caricatures portrayed by the Jersey Shore cast.”

Wait until the spinoffs from ‘Jersey Shore’ start.  And if the cast reads a newspaper, takes a look at CNN.com or watches ‘Good Morning America,’ just two words for the wild cast and crew as it heads to Italy.

Amanda Knox.

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