Bad Week for Lovers of Disco, Donna Summer, Now Robin Gibb (Videos)

Oh now I’m definitely glad I did a complete physical a few weeks ago to ensure that at 55 years of age I have a few more years left on this body.  Except for a high cholesterol count, all is looking pretty good so I figure I’m good but I’m getting  concerned.  When you reach my age more of those celebrity types who I grew up with start to die off and this past week was a pretty difficult one for those of us who love disco music.


It also is the reason why getting that annual physical is a real good idea.  Man did we party like it was 1999 back in the 1970’s and early 80’s during and after the demise of disco.  Today we lost another talented artist following last week’s passing the Queen of Disco Donna Summer.   Word comes today that Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb has left the disco world dying after a long battle with cancer.

He, as was Donna Summer, was only 62 years of age.


I mention the party days and years during that time.  Damn it was a lot of fun.  But we partied 24/7/365 meaning that it was non-stop.  For those in the hippie era who experienced the so called free love era, the disco days for those of us in the 50’s was a time where no bad behavior was off the table.

And I mean nothing.

And we are all paying for it these days.  Strangely enough most of us had real jobs and not like those party people in the music business especially those in the performance arena.  People like Donna Summer and Robin Gibb, well they really knew how to party just like everyone in the music business.

A lot of them are paying the price today.

Back to the doc in a year.  Thanks for the great memories Robin Gibb.  It was fun listening to disco as I wrote this story.  Your contribution to the disco days and to music will never be, at least for this writer, forgotten

Rick Thomas



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