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‘Australia’s Next Top’ Model Winner is…OOOPS!!!!

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‘Australia’s Next Top’ Model Winner is…OOOPS!!!!   And we thought only American’s could pick the wrong winner, right?  Delaware picks a witch for the Senate and New Yorkers still pick Charlie Rangel.  Only in America!!!  Only in America!!!

OK enough of this political talk.  Sorry for the digression.

Amanda Ware (the real winner), Kelsey Martinovich (now the loser) and host Sarah Murdoch

Amanda Ware (the real winner), Kelsey Martinovich (now the loser) and host Sarah Murdoch

Australia has their version ‘Next Top Model’ and something happened backstage where the host was given the wrong information and named the runner up as winner and the winner as runner up.

Count those hanging chads, Florida, count those hanging chads.

Sorry again for the political digression.  But it’s election time.

So you take a look at the video for yourself.  It’s pretty embarrassing for the show’s host who shall remain nameless except for the picture caption.  And the winners, well let’s say that both weigh in at about 175 pounds combined.

What an awful mistake if that’s what it was.  If it was a stunt to get publicity for the show it sure as hell worked.  But with one reality show contestant recently putting a bullet in her head and another jumping off a bridge to his death, screwing around with people’s emotions and doing something stupid like this for publicity, well sucks.

Let’s go to the videotape.

Rick Thomas


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