Another Example of Why Brothas Don't Do Animal Stories, Like the 'Today Show's Al Roker

See this will never happen in the hood.  I mean the hood.  Anybody ever hear of a bear loose in Inglewood?  Compton?  North Philly?  Harlem?


We don’t do animals.  Especially wild animals.  We leave that to the suburbs.  Like the La Crescenta area of California.  Wherever the hell La Crescenta is.


This crazy white dude, after hearing that a big ass bear is hanging out in his neighborhood, decides that he’s going to walk around and check out what’s going on around his neighborhood after everyone else in the area is taking refuge indoors because they know there’s a big ass bear roaming around in their community.

Now for the record a brother is not going to come out.  For many reasons a brother, like the Today Show‘s Al Roker, ain’t stepping to the forefront to deal with a fucking bear.

“Fuck you,” says Al Roker when they want him to do animal segments.

See because the black a bear just might think Al Roker is a threat so most brothers, like Mr. Al, just says I’m not getting involved in that segment.

Smart dude.

But no this white dude in La Crescenta just walks around his condo complex like he’s at The Grove and The Farmer’s Market in Hollywood enjoying a day at Nordstrom’s.

That’s the fastest I’ve seen a white dude run since the summer Olympics.  He took the hell off once that two tons of fun bear came a few feet from this moron trying to play Steven Seagal in an episode of Reelz Channel’s True Justice.

Bottom line.  He won’t do that again.  And of course you saw no brothas anywhere in the vicinity.  Nowhere.  Cause we ain’t dealing with no big ass bear in the suburbs.

I’m staying right here in the city.  Would rather get stabbed on Serrano rather than deal with a bear.  But you be the judge.  What would you do?



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