Another Sexist ESPN Announcer Fired

We’re thinking a new reality show.  ‘Sports Announcer Rehab with Brett Favre.’  Yeah, and maybe ESPN will be the network to carry this new show since the “worldwide leader in sports” seems to place where getting their announcers to play ball the right way in a diverse world is a constant problem.

Let’s see there was Jay Mariotti beating up his girlfriend after a party night in Santa Monica, California.  Then the guy who got suspended last week for plagiarizing an Orange County Register writer’s story.  Now it’s ESPN college football sports announcer Ron Franklin who gets the ‘Brett Favre Award for Stupidity Toward Women’ and Ron doesn’t even work for the New York Jets.

Dang, a sports story about sexist attitudes in sports and we still get to mention the New York Jets.

Before the story, hey ESPN people.  Listen up.  YOU WORK FOR DISNEY/ABC!!!

And they don’t play with this type of crap.

Now Franklin is accused of calling a female announcer working with him “sweet baby” and not “sweet cakes” as originally reported.  Jeanine Edwards, another sideline reporter (we just can’t stop doing stories about female sideline reporters), was the target of Franklin’s stupidity.

When she objected to being called “sweet baby” Franklin said “OK the a-hole.”

Ummm…Ron?  Not a good follow-up line unless you’re being heckled on stage at the Comedy Store in L.A.

Franklin, with ESPN since 1987, has been ceremoniously dropped after a colleague of Edwards reported the comment to upper management at ESPN, which we will repeat, once again, is owned “DISNEY/ABC!!!!”

Back in the old days they used to send people like Franklin to rehabilitation.  You know those corporate seminars.  With a slap on the wrist.  Kinda like what many people thought Capt. Owen Honors would receive after making lewd videos on board the USS Enterprise.

Yeah, well, he got canned as well.

Someday soon these stupid people will realize that there’s no more room, not even an inch, for sexist, racist, homophobic rants anywhere at the workplace.


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