Another Day of Dumb Bank Robbers in Los Angeles, Another Day of Dumb TV New Anchors


In the last three days there have been three car chases shown live on local TV in Los Angeles.  But you can’t beat today’s car chase that showed the stupidity of dumb bank robbers and the stupidity of TV anchors. 

It was like Robin Hood!  Or like TNT’s Leverage.  Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor was the focus of today’s car chase as money came flying out on a regular basis during today’s episode.    But whats was stunning beyond the fact that the police with hundreds of cars, lots of street cameras and those dame helicopters to track down the dumb an dumber in the world of bank robbers is the mental midget mentality of TV news anchors.

Today was a prime example.  Watch Los Angeles television station KTLA was an abomination of those that have and those that don’t have a dang thing.  I don’t even want to put the names of the anchors who hosted today’s session of car chases in Los Angeles but when the money started flying, the stupid statement came a comin’.

What was surprising was the play by play of those KTLA anchors.  Nobody likes the fact that four guys went in bank with guns and robbed a bank.  But in today’s economic environment that those grabbing on to hundreds of dollars flying in the air and lying in the street would actually turn back the money to the Bank of America from which it was stolen.

Are the anchors over at KTLA simple morons?

You have jobs.  These downtrodden people living in the hood, well some days they need Christmas in September.  And that’s what it turned out to be, Christmas in September.  And to expect any more from those employed with six figure jobs is just silly.  If this had been in Newport Beach, you can bet the folks there too would have taken the money and been on the run. 

But those idiots over at KTLA actually huffed and puffed at the actions of those in the hood.  What a bunch of stuck up bastards over at KTLA.  Simply stuck up people who think that people who are broke as hell shouldn’t take advantage of the big bad Bank of America and strip this big business of their assets that they’ve pretty much took from taxpayers during the bailout. 

Fuck ’em!

And fuck the people over at KTLA that think otherwise.  Especially today’s anchors who think they are better than everyone else and feel they should put their personal social issues on people who have a whole hell of a lot less.

Today was a lesson for all.  People are suffering.  People are starving out there.  We, well we have it pretty good.  But one day we all must really understand that this is a depression that we are experiencing, not a slow economy and once in a while Christmas in September, well as of today, Christmas in September is not a  bad thing.   

 Today people in the ghetto got Leverage on Bank of America.  And I really don’t care that they lost what they lost.  They will never see that money back in their bank and so be it.



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