Another Celebrity Overdose, This Time 'Snooki's Huge Alcohol Binge

Another Celebrity Overdose, This Time ‘Snooki’s Huge Alcohol Binge…I guess we should call her a celebrity, ya think?  Well whatever you want to call her the star of MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ was hospitalized in Miami during a taping of the show that has pretty much relaunched the cable network.

Snooki and Pauly D

Snooki and Pauly D

Ratings for the show have been on the rise so much that it even surpasses some network shows and you can bet this episode would have been the biggest for viewers as Snooki was apparently so drunk that she had to be carried out of a Miami nightclub.

Keep reading about why this “would have been the biggest episode” because there’s more to the story.

Miss Snooki was hospitalized after the binge according to RadarOnline.  Here’s the thing.  This happened in May and this is just coming out as the producers that carried her out of ‘Dream’ nightclub decided not to air this incident in an upcoming episode.

Maybe this was a bit much for even MTV viewers.  The idiot producers though think airing one cast member punching a female in the face makes better television, huh. Or maybe they wouldn’t want to lower the level of people who watch that show to think that’s the way life is in Miami.

RadarOnline says Snooki was rushed to the hospital for a case of alcohol poisoning.

MTV will probably increase her per episode compensation.   This is great TV right, you yuk yuks!

Yet why am I complaining.  If you watch anything on MTV it’s a train wreck.

C’mon, more Snooki!!!  More Snooki!!!

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