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Ann Coulter’s “Retard” Tweet During Presidential Debate Crosses the Line, But That’s Ann Coulter

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Oh you gotta love this crazy lady, Ann Coulter.  You really gotta give Ann Coulter a lot of credit.  Ann Coulter knows how to promote and market herself which is a quality that most people don’t have.  Well let’s say most people have it but segment producers on The Today Show used to book Ann Coulter all the time.  Now she may have to come up with a new marketing approach, at least for this morning show.

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Conservative Talker Ann Coulter

Conservative Talker Ann Coulter’s New Book “Mugged”

Matt Lauer disses her.  They don’t seem to get along.  And I kinda like Ann Coulter not because I am a Republican.  Fret not I am not even close.  But I like Ann Coulter because she reminds me of some of the dopey blonds I date down in Orange County California.

OK maybe that’s a bit too much information.

Now Ann Coulter seems to have crossed that proverbial line that puts her in line for FOX News segments only.  The loud mouth conservative writer, commentator, talk show host or whatever you want to call Ann Coulter is strongly under fire from, well just about everyone.

Even people who call themselves conservative are calling out Ann Coulter.  So what did she say?  Well read the image content for yourself….

Oh what a mess Ann Coulter what a mess.  Calling the President of the United States a “retard?”  Well that’s what this dumb blond did and quite frankly if she can call the President a ”retard” why can’t I call a dopey blond a dumb blond?

Because it’s wrong!!!  It’s wrong!!!  No matter how I feel about dopey blonds in Orange County California I have the right to feel that way only to myself.

Period.  End.  Stop.

Ann Coulter does this all the time.  Here’s what’s sad about how she’s perceived.  No one and I repeat no one except the hard core Obama haters will use Ann Coulter as a guest for a long time now.  Nobody, especially shows that are targeted to women like The Today Show, will put her on as a talking head knowing that a show’s audience is full of viewers who have kids suffering maladies that have significantly changed the lives of those viewers do not want to see Ann Coulter.

But that’s how Ann Coulter has built her brand.  Pissing people off.  And to be real as a marketer it works for her.  Ann Coulter will not change and quite frankly those continuing to follow her only give Ann Coulter the foundation she needs to be, well, Ann Coulter.

Rick Thomas

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