Angus T. Jones, Fine Example of How Young People Get Caught Up in Religious Stupidity (YouTube Video)

Angus T. Jones, Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer from "Two and a Half Men'

This is why organized religion sucks.  Truly sucks.  Because, and excuse my French, it fucks up young people.   I am an example of having to suffer through this shit.

I’m sorry but I’m going to be the for real Negro here.  And you know exactly what I want to say here.  And Negro is not the word.  I’ve seen through my personal life how these fucked up religious fanatics target young kids because young kids are relatively fucking stupid and will believe anything coming from the mouths of those in the faith business and follow them off a fucking cliff.

Angus T. Jones is the classic example of a kid that got caught up in the bullshit.  The bullshit of Forerunner Christian Church that has totally taken this moron actor and turned him in to what young people who are pretty much lost in space tend to follow.

Angus T. Jones if pretty fucked up.  Totally if you want to really hear the truth.


Have you watched this video?  The Two and a Half Men crap aside is simple compared to what comes out of the mouth of Angus T. Jones.  Angus T. Jones totally condescends racially to the dumb ass preacher in the video but in my experience Angus T. Jones is a teenager with no focus, no direction and no purpose in life.

Angus T. Jones along with his television career may be over.  Over because of the cult of religion.

Ya dumb fuck Angus T. Jones!

All of that money per episode and this is what  it comes to and where it ends.  This is sad.  And as you read this you can see that this is personal for me.  After watching how the cult also known as Jehovah Witnesses and their integration in my family all of these motherfuckers can go to hell and kiss my black ass.

Rick Thomas, RealTVCritics.com

Rick Thomas, RealTVCritics.com

They get to kids when they are young and vulnerable.   Angus T. Jones is a victim of this effort of religious stupidity and is quite frankly racially condescending.

This video makes me fucking sick.   Angus T. Jones makes me sick.  I hope the producers send him on his way.  Out the door.  It’s time for Two and a Half Men to do what they did with Charlie Sheen and fire his dumb ass.

There is no other option.

Rick Thomas



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