An Awful Ending to An Awful Short Life in Amy Winehouse (Video)

I may have listened to one song by Amy Winehouse.  Guess I wasn’t overly impressed because I never listened to a second song but did see some of her video content on YouTube which quite frankly was not music related but all negative.  Yes that one video on stage where she was completely gone from focus was enough to turn me off of her pretty quickly.

Amy Winehouse

The drugs that took control of her life and the way Amy Winehouse slapped the face of entering a place where she could dry out were not on her Outlook calendar.  Getting Amy Winehouse in to rehab should have been the focus for everyone around her.  Yet after watching the video below, how can you blame anyone but Amy Winehouse for her personal demise.

This quite frankly has become another one of those teachable moments in the history of teachable moments.  This is not a quick comment on the use of drugs, which in a case like Amy’s was well beyond normal consumption.  This is about the people who could have helped her a long time ago but were nothing more than parasites, leeching on to her for her fame and that she could sell CD’s for her handlers in the music business.  These parasites needed to get to this woman early yet the longer they waited, the less of a future could be had by Amy Winehouse.

Her death, though a sad. sad day in the music business, was expected.  Really, let’s not beat around the bush, she was a absolute mess of a human being before her demise.  It just became much too late to help Amy Winehouse.  Much too late.  Watch the video.  There’s enough content in her words as you listen to see that there was nothing left of this person.  What she became could have been prevented, but once again let’s all let this be a teachable moment.  And try, the next time we see the beginning of the breakdown of any human being, to step in to really, really help.

Oh yeah, and the title of the video/song below is Rehab.

Rick Thomas

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