America's Hottest New Talent, Kendrick Lamar Blowing Up Music World, YouTube (Videos)

Kendrick Lamar without a doubt is the hottest new name on the music charts today.

Let me be clear.  Kendrick Lamar is the shit.  Swimming Pools is clearly a fantastic piece of music.  I’m a big listener of LA’s Power 106 and LA’s 96.3 so I have to admit that I love both stations.


But now that Kendrick Lamar is in hot rotation there’s no secret that this hot, new artist is amazing.

And Kendrick Lamar is only going to get bigger and badder in the music world.

Every once in a while we grab on to what’s cool and hot.  Kendrick Lamar makes the grade and will no doubt take all of the rappers who are real rappers and throw them under the bus.  He’s smooth, he’s chill and he’s going to be America’s crossover act that will have black chicks and white girls losing their minds.


Kendrick Lamar is fantastic.  From Compton, California LA, Kendrick Lamar’s new debut release is about to blow up the music world.  “Continue doing what I’m doing,” is what Kendrick Lamar told MTV.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar

This boy is bad!

Rick Thomas



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