'American Idol's Jennifer Lopez Love Song Breakdown at Mohegan Sun

Seems the break-up with Marc Anthony has led to an on-stage breakdown for American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez.

Or is this just another publicity stunt since I got an e-mail over the weekend about the start of the new season 11 of American Idol on FOX.  That new promotional video premiered during the World Series last night as well.

Jennifer Lopez "LOVE?" CD Signing at the Hollywood and Highland Courtyard in Los Angeles

Yeah, timing is everything.  And the producers of American Idol will be going all out to damp down any more talk about the new FOX program The X Factor.

Jennifer Lopez was appearing was performing a love song on stage at Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino in Connecticut this past Saturday when she became some emotional during the rendition that she bolted off stage.

Gotta believe marriage number fourteen or whatever to Marc Anthony really meant something.

“I’m going to sing you the last song I wrote about love,” said Lopez before performing the tune and bolting off stage.  “A lot has changed since then.”

Yeah, that will get the tears flowing.

And then strangely enough the stage show broke in to her song “Until It Beats No More” where the stage dancers did a routine where Puff Daddy, Ben Affleck and Cris Judd look-a-likes performed a bunch of choreographed routines.

Oh yeah, this is a great PR stunt.

“I took a trip down memory lane,” said a sobbing Lopez to her audience at the show.

Yeah and you sent us down that same lane, where most of us did not want to go.

American Idol debuts on FOX Sunday January 22nd with a great lead in from the NFL Championship Playoff game.

Rick Thomas

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