'American Idol's Adam Lambert Arrested, Scuffles with Boyfriend, He's Jammed Up as Well

Adam Lambert’s love life is apparently like all of ours, according to his boyfriend.  The former American Idol runner boy toy Sauli Koskinen, who himself did a stint as a contestant on the Finnish version of Big Brother, blogged “Love is not easy…but it lasts,” forever” after he and Adam Lambert got busted for brawling in and outside a club in Finland.

Adam Lambert, Runner Up for FOX TV's 'American Idol'

Adam Lambert, Runner Up for FOX TV's 'American Idol'

Um maybe Sauli needs a Dr. Phil intervention.  Love is definitely not easy and certainly does not last forever but truly love is not something that ends in a fight inside and outside a club leading to beating up the people who tried to break up the fight between the couple.

Calling Dr. Phil!!!  Calling Dr. Phil!!!

The couple had a lover’s spat which led to both being taken in to custody for the fight between them and what took place when others tried to step in and stop the melee.  Unfortunately that melee led to another melee which included those men and women who wear official governmental authority gear with badges attached and guns that fire bullets.

Those are the people, by the way, that most of us tend to avoid.

Both were jammed up for multiple assaults, questioned and released.



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