AMC's 'The Walking Dead' For Real? Zombie Attacks, A Zombie Apocalypse? (Video)

OK so we all know how really popular The Walking Dead has been for the past two seasons on the cable channel AMC.  But in the words of comedian Paul Mooney “this is a bit much.”  Yes there is more going on in Florida these days well ahead of the excitement of LeBron James and the Miami Heat.  They are calling the zombie attacks going on in that city the Zombie Apocalypse.

Yes the Zombie Apocalypse that is taking place in cities and states all across America is pretty much scaring the hell out of everyone and reminding every0ne that there could be the real The Walking Dead among us.

In fact Westlake Ace Hardware stores with locations just about everywhere but where an attack has taken place  has even started a “don’t be scared, be prepared” for a zombie attack and is recommending specific tools you should have should The Walking Dead actually happen in your city.  Here the scoop.

Tampa has been the scene of one gory so called zombie attacks which has started this whole zombie apocalypse if that’s what you want to call it.  In Tampa a naked man pretty much ate the face of another man.

Uh huh…

Then in Maryland college student told police that he killed a man and then took it upon his highly educated self to eat that man’s heart and part of his brain.

Uh huh…

Then there’s the dude in Jersey who decided that he was going to stab himself about 50 times then proceed to devour his own intestines and let us be reminded that it was not New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who has never passed up on a buffet in his entire life.

This really sounds like an episode of The Walking Dead on AMC doesn’t it?  Really that’s what they do on that show.  Eat people?  So is the show to blame or should we blame President Obama who we pretty much blame for everything these days?

Had to take a shot at him after the Chris Christie crack.


Anyway now the trend is to be prepared for an attack.  Check out the video and the link to the Westlake Ace Hardware stores where they actually have put together web content on being prepared for a zombie attack or the future chance of a zombie apocalypse.

The stories about the real attacks are pretty messy.  But the Westlake Ace Hardware thing is pretty funny.


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