Ally Walker's Return as 'The Protector' on Lifetime (Video)

You saw her last full time role on television in NBC’s Profiler.  Yeah that Jack of All Trades nemesis drove Ally Walker’s Samantha Waters simply nuts.  But Profiler, which was one of the earlier tests of forensics and FBI investigative team tactics, only last for four seasons from ’96 to 2000.  Before Criminal Minds, there was Profiler.

Now Ally Walker returns to Lifetime television and I have to admit that I rarely flip on this network because it’s really female friendly, but we do write about Lifetime when there’s a special of note.  But not about original programming and The Protector launches Sunday night on the network.

Ally Walker in 'The Protector' on Lifetime

Ally Walker stars as an LAPD detective balancing the life of some serious daytime work along with raising two boys as a single mother.  Walker just finished a couple of seasons on the FX hit show Sons of Anarchy but can’t return to that show because of a big bullet hole in the back of the head of her character FBI agent June Stahl in the finale last season.  So here we have The Protector.

I have this one on my DVR for Sunday night at 10.  Only because I would never remember to turn on Lifetime on a Sunday night for any reason but a cop show with a good performer, and not one that doesn’t look a day over 20 might have some attraction, even to a man.

Good luck with this one Ally Walker.


Rick Thomas

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