Alec Baldwin Saying "Goodbye" to '30 Rock' at Contract's End

First Oprah says “bye”, now Alec Baldwin is telling NBC that he will not re-sign with ’30 Rock’ when his contract expires in 2012.  Check out the upcoming ‘Men’s Journal’ magazine and you will learn a lot about his thoughts on suicide, his feelings on his movie career which he thinks is awful and the war with his ex-wife Kim Basinger on their custody battle over their daughter Ireland.  That mess led to his breakup with his girlfriend of seven years.  Keep your ex separate from your girlfriend, Judge Judy would say.

Stephen Baldwin and Alec Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin and Alec Baldwin






Baldwin will give up the business entirely, according to the article, because “I don’t have any interest in acting anymore” so a couple more years and he will be gone.  We’ll see if NBC comes up with a nice number to keep him in the fold.  This is one of those negotiation techniques, maybe? 




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