After 13 Years, Nancy O'Dell Leaves 'Access Hollywood'

Nancy O'Dell

This came down pretty quickly.  With two years left on her contract, Nancy O’Dell has quit ‘Access Hollywood’ in one of those “beginning the next chapter of her career” explanations.  If you know anyone in broadcasting, they put out those releases with such verbiage.  Here’s one,”due to philosophical differences”, lines like that to keep it cordial and oh so happy in the media.

Yeah, right.

O’Dell was a reporter and news anchor prior to joining ‘Access Hollywood’ and apparently did not like the direction of the show with its sensational approach lately.  And with stories like Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, Jon and Kate Gosselin, you get the picture, she felt, according to insiders that this was no longer what she wanted to build for the rest of her career.

You see there are some quality people still in the broadcast media business.   

We’ve got those idiots over at MTV running programs insulting Italians with cast members punching women in the face and marketing morons at MGM in support of that type of content. 

You go Nancy!!

She will find work and I’m sure quickly if she doesn’t have a non-compete in her contract.  But we wish her luck.



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