A Radio Guy, a TV Blog, a Wiz Khalifa and a Dan Mason Gets iTunes a Sale (Audio)

So I made my bones in radio.  Great career working for some great companies and radio stations.  My days at CBS in New York and Philly was the best time of my life.  Radio stations with some great call letters including WBZ in Boston, KYW, WIP and WIOQ in Philly, well you just can’t have a better group of letters on your resume.

Got in to the television thing six years ago.  Gotta admit, I’m probably got radio station call letters tattooed on my rear.  But I’m a knowledge junkie and getting away from radio was the best move personally and professionally.

I just love media.  All of it.  And of course I dig this blog and the world wide web.

So when radio station deejays stopped calling out the names of the artists they played I was pissed.  Really pissed.  Being away from the day to day of music radio, an old school disc jockey here, well naming the music was the way great music radio stations help record labels sell music.

Not naming the song and the artist had to be the dumbest move in the history of radio.  And record labels were pissed just as I was.

So I dig radio in Los Angeles.  Amp 97.1, POWER 106, KISS FM…I may be totally out of demo for those radio stations meaning I’m older than the average listener but you try to drive around L.A. as music is a great assist to the morass of traffic in this region.  I don’t want this announcement to go unnoticed.  Happened almost a month ago.  Let’s read it from Dan Mason, the guy running CBS Radio.

“Effective immediately, CBS Radio contemporary, rock, urban and country stations will increase the integration of title and artist information on new music releases in an effort to personalize, and drive sales of the product.  We will also be expanding our radio play history online as far back as several years, providing a living synopsis of the songs we feature on the air for anyone to access.”

So today I’m headed home and I’m listening to CBS owned Amp 97.1 and I heard this song Black and Yellow bouncing out of my four speakers and for months since the release of this song.  I guess it’s been that long.  I don’t know.  I just dig that song.  But I had no clue show the hell was singing this song.  For months.

"Black and Yellow" Artist Wiz Khalifa

"Black and Yellow" Artist Wiz Khalifa

Now I know it’s Wiz Khalifa.  Wiz Khalifa.  What the hell is a Wiz Khalifa?  Well now I know.  And I don’t have much room on my iPod for a lot more music.  No I will not pull off any Ohio Players or George Clinton, no way.  But I will add the all new as I call it hit from Wiz Khalifa called Black and Yellow to my list of purchases.

I will also be listening to Amp 97.1 a lot more because of just this one simple programming adjustment.  Yep, done deal, as I can easily say, and this is really old school radio, by saying that “my favorite radio station is Amp 97.1.”

Now once again I’m old compared to the audience tuning in this radio station.  But they have a new listener.  And iTunes has a sale.  Isn’t that the goal of being in business in America?

Broadcasters can be stupid.  Really stupid.  Listeners need to know who is who on radio.  Purchases move faster.  Then you purchase more.  Seems like a good move for CBS Radio.  And good for radio stations all over this planet.

Not naming an artist and song is like not naming the contestants on American Idol or The Voice. I actually have no clue who most of them are, OK so I don’t know any of them by name.  They could walk past me every day and I really would not know who they are.  But you get my point about names.  Nice move Dan Mason and CBS Radio.

Rick Thomas

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