Cop Car Chase, FOX News Suicide Fiasco Airs Live (YouTube Graphic Video)

Once  again the news business is in an embarrassing situation.  This time it’s a FOX News which now is in the business of not only trashing Barack Obama but feels the need to do what local stations here in Los Angeles do all the time.

Broadcast live coverage of cop car chases.  They’re calling it a FOX News Suicide.

This one did not end up well for FOX News.  Not at all.  And you can bet this may be the last time FOX News airs such content and will hopefully go back to trashing President Obama.


FOX News picked up the feed from an Arizona television station of police chase that want quite simply wrong on air.  The suspect took cops on a high speed chase and then turned off the main highway on to a dirt road.  He got out of the car and started running to try to get away when he stopped, pulled out a gun and shot himself in the head.

A FOX News Suicide airing live. 

The network claimed to be in what talk radio stations call 7 second delay having the ability to drop out of a live broadcast before such an incident.  That did not happen and the FOX News Suicide was broadcast live on FOX News.  Shepard Smith who as hosting the segment on FOX News provided a lighthearted play by play of the car chase until the actual suicide took place.

After the suicide he was not amused any longer.  “Get off…get off…get off it,!” Smith screamed to the producers who clearly did not get off it.  “That won’t happen again under my watch,” said Shepard Smith before moving on to the next story.



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