Sick, Twisted, Psycho Television Thriller Returns to FX, ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ (Videos)

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You gotta love this show.  I do.  American Horror Story in season one was simply spectacular.  Twisted, psycho white folks doing some really strange shit on my television screen that made me a huge fan of American Horror Story.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Well American Horror Story is back.  Yeah!!!


‘AMERICAN HORROR STORY with Dylan McDermott as Ben Harmon

Dylan McDermott, who showed all of his backside in season one, returns to the horror thriller as scumbag Ben Harmon but will be without his wife on the show.  Yeah Connie Britton is now in Nashville as in Nashville, Tennessee singing country tunes so Dylan McDermott is on his own this season on FX’s American Horror Story: Asylum.

Oh these white folks in American Horror Story: Asylum seem so flipping twisted.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM (Season Premiere, Wednesday, October 17, 10:00 pm e/p) -- Pictured: Jessica Lange as Sister Jude

‘AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM’ – Jessica Lange as Sister Jude

“So thrilled to announce Dylan McDermott is returning to American Horror Story,” said show producer Ryan Murphy.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY Tricks and Treats -- Episode 202, Wednesday, October 24, 10:00 pm e/p) -- Pictured: James Cromwell as Dr. Arden -- CR: Michael Becker/FX

AMERICAN HORROR STORY – James Cromwell as Dr. Arden

Jessica Lange is also returning to the new season of American Horror Story: Asylum and there’s a great cast of newbies headed in to season two.  Chloe Sevigny, James Cromwell who is simply fantastic in any role he plays and Adam Levine are cast in this season’s arc.


I love me some American Horror Story.  This show is so cool.  On my DVR only because CSI and Connie Britton’s Nashville are set at 10PM tonight but tomorrow morning at breakfast it’s all about American Horror Story: Asylum on FX.

Rick Thomas

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‘The Walking Dead’ & ‘The Walking Dead’ & ‘The Walking Dead” is Back!’ ‘The Walking Dead’ Rules’ (Videos)

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It used to be the Greatful Dead rules!  Have you ever been to a Grateful Dead concert back in the day?  Well now the Grateful Dead has a ton of competition as it’s now all about The Walking Dead rules.!

YouTube Preview Image

Some parts of last night’s premiere episode for the new season slowed up a bit.  Loving the horror genre as I do I really am a big fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  But The Walking Dead fan club is not just me alone.  The Walking Dead simply blew up last night on cable TV.  And even regular television would like to do what The Walking Deaddid last night.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead


The ratings were simply amazing.  So was the show.

Three airings of The Walking Dead drew in over 15 million viewers last night.  Wow!  When you take out sports broadcasts the AMC’s The Walking Dead tops all cable and network ratings in overall audience delivery.

That’s huge.  And it will only get better for The Walking Dead on AMC as this show is simply fantastic.  Steven Yeun chats with the LA Times Patrick Day on the show and why The Walking Dead is TV’s hottest program and will no doubt spurn a ton of new shows targeted toward the lovers horror content.

YouTube Preview Image

You gott lve this this show.  Watch the videos.  The Walking Dead hits the mark even if I get sick of the singing and whining.  The Walking Dead is the best.  When you can’t wait for the next episode you really know you’ve got a great show.

More, more, more of The Walking Dead.

Rick Thomas

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Sam Champion Calls It A Gay, Announces Engagement on ‘Good Morning America’ (YouTube Video)

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YouTube Preview Image

Here we go again.  Another major television personality comes out gay and announces his engagement to his same sex partner and it’s blowing up on the internet.


Well because people get all a glitter on Twitter when someone like Good Morning America weather guy Sam Champion comes out and admits he’s gay by telling the world he’s engage to longtime partner Rubem Robierb.

Sam Champion from 'Good Morning America' and Rubem Robierb

Sam Champion from ‘Good Morning America’ and Rubem Robierb

Sam Champion is gay?  Get out, that’s really something no one knew, right?

El wrongo!

But today was a big day on Good Morning America and a big day for America just in general.  Sam Champion has announced his engagement to Miami based art guy Rubem Robierb on the now number one morning show and Good Morning America made a huge deal out of it during today’s show.

Actor Ben Affleck guested and congratulated Sam Champion and Rubem as well as the actor was their to pitch his new movie Argo.  “It’s very exciting.  I was moved,” said Affleck.  “I was very inspired…a moving love story,” Affleck continued.

Even the hospitalized Robin Roberts Tweeted her best to Sam Champion saying “Hope to be well enough to attend the wedding.”

Even Sam Champion was surprised by the overwhelming support of his announcement.  But once again, in the world of who cares anymore, well who cares anymore.

Congrats Sam Champion.

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“You Going Get Got” ‘American Idol’ Mess, Nicky Minaj Goes Ghetto on Mariah Carey

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Nicky Minaj, New Judge on 'American Idol'

Nicky Minaj, New Judge on ‘American Idol’

These bi$#%es are crazy.  And  needs this.  Nicky Minaj apparently has gone ghetto on Mariah Carey threatening to shoot the singer who has hired security to protect her from the hottest singer on the pop tart charts along with any music list in America and across the world. 


Nicky Minaj is the new judge on American Idol and has made her presence known but is it real or is it Memorex?  Nicky Minaj apparently got so pissed off at Mariah Carey that she walked off the set and threatened to “shoot the bitch” according to The View’s Barbara Walters.


So American Idol just may have created some cool content for the upcoming 12th season of the reality show but you gotta admit having these two divas judging the next arc of the show will create a significant amount of turmoil which can and hopefully lead to more viewers for American Idol.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

This is what happens when you put Nicky Minaj, today’s hottest pop artist, on the same stage as Mariah Carey.  This could be a real mess which is going to be a lot of fun for American Idol fans.  Can’t wait to see this season and if I’m interested so will a lot of former and current fans.  Nicky Minaj versus Mariah Carey.  Could be fun.


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Another Life Shortened, Singer, Actor, Drag Queen Sahara Davenport, ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race’ Dies

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sahara davenport manila luzon

Manila Luzon and Sahara Davenport

Her stage name was Sahara Davenport but his real name was Antoine Ashley and this is another story of a reality character meeting an early demise.  After appearing on Rupaul’s Drag Race, some time on the soap opera One Life to Live and other visual content, Sahara Davenport’s life ended tragically and unexpectedly with no cause for the passing.


 Sahara Davenport

The statement from Logo says it all.  Sahara Davenport appeared on Logo’s Rupaul’s Drag Race during the 2010 session of the reality show but unlike other reality show losers, Sahara Davenport recieved a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and left that city.  Sahara Davenport moved to New York City to realize the dreams of most in the reality TV and drag queen business. 

Sahara Davenport’s boyfriend Manila Luzon was also a contestant on season three of Rupaul’s Drag Race.  Sahara Davenport was only 27 years of age.

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Why Did ’60 Minutes’ Chat with Arnold Schwartzenegger Tank in Trend World?

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Revenge is hot!  Dexter of course is a monster trending this morning.  Even Once Upon a Time on ABC is getting it’s props this morning along with 666 Park Avenue.  The only thing that’s trending close to Arnold Schwartzenegger this morning is Brigitte Nielsen whose real claim to fame was her marriage to Mark Gastineau whom the New York Jets could use right about now.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger

But not Arnold’s interview on 60 Minutes last night which pretty much was nothing more than an overview of his life and times, not about what most people probably would have tuned in to hear about.  His mess of a life as Governor of the State of California, an affair with the aforementioned Brigitte Nielsen, the fathering of a child with the family help and the aftermath of all above combined.

That’s what people want to hear about.  Not the past but his current life of trying to get us to understand why he did what he did and why he’s talking about it in his new book Total Recall.  That part of the interview was simply put aside as the biographical resume of his life was pretty boring.

We really didn’t need a Total Recall of Arnold Schwartzenegger’s life.  We want the dirt.

You can go to the link below to seen the interview on last night’s 60 Minutes.  But to be frank it was one of the more boring sit downs on 60 Minutes.  Very disappointing.

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ABC’s ‘Last Resort’ Nothing to Say But “Wow!” (YouTube Videos)

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You gotta want to root for Andre Braugher.  He’s nothing but fantastic in everything he does.  TNT’s Men of a Certain Age, well that show needed a better network like maybe one of the big three in ABC, CBS or FOX.  None of us will every forget his role as Detective Frank Pembleton in Homicide: Life on The Street.

Now could be Last Resort for Andre Braugher, the newest Lost type series that got off to a great start with content but a bit of a disappointment in the ratings category.  But this show as seriously a lot of action, drama, energy and intrigue.  Last Resort has Andre Braugher as Captain Marcus Chaplin, boss of the submarine the Colorado who was told to fire nuclear weapons at Pakistan.  At 500 feet below sea level, Chaplin want additional confirmation as the “go” to fire weapons came to them on an alternative channel.  Then the Colorado gets fired upon and goes rogue ending up at an exotic island separated from the outside world and on the defense.

YouTube Preview Image

And the real drama begins on Last Resort .  Some members on the submarine don’t want to go along with the plan in their new surroundings and of course sexual tension is involved or there wouldn’t be a need for this show to reach ABC TV’s core consumer of women 18 to 49 years of age.

YouTube Preview Image

Last Resort is definitely worth the series recording on your DVR.  The pilot episode grabs you and as with Lost you want to find out more about how this loose band of disenfranchised military personnel fare during their time on the island.

YouTube Preview Image

Last Resort also stars the good looking Scott Speedman from Felicity and his biggest movie role with Kate Beckinsale in the 2003 hit film Underworld.

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The New Sherlock Holmes ‘Elementary’ My Dear Lucy Liu Makes the Grade on CBS (Video)

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So it will probably be canceled.

YouTube Preview Image

Just kidding my dear friends.

Lucy Liu,  'Elementary' on CBS

Lucy Liu, ‘Elementary’ on CBS

Elementary, the new entry cop show on CBS was on my list of shows not to watch.  Just didn’t think it had legs from the promos running on the network highlight the show and I gotta tell you I was wrong.  Elementary surely makes the grade which is pleasantly surprising and hopefully Lucy Liu will be back with a hit show after a short arc on TNT’s Southland where she won a Critics Choice Award.

Jonny Lee Miller on the CBS Show 'Elementary'

Jonny Lee Miller on the CBS Show ‘Elementary’

She may be in line for another award for her work in Elementary.  This really turned out to be a pretty cool, quirky show based on a modern day Sherlock Holmes as Lucy Liu’s Dr. Joan Watson and Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes.  Quirky surely is the best description for this show as the present day couple act as consultants to the NYPD on criminal cases.

Elementary is another show based around the unusual crime solving tactics of a pretty strange Sherlock Holmes helping out the always fantastic Aidan Quinn who seems to have the look and the style of a police captain as he finished last year’s Prime Suspect in a similar role.

Aidan Quinn and Jonny Lee Miller on the CBS Show 'Elementary'

Aidan Quinn and Jonny Lee Miller on the CBS Show ‘Elementary’

Elementary is a typical cop solving the crime show but both starring characters have interesting backgrounds that add a bit of drama to the show.  Sherlock Holmes is a former addict just released or as the show states breaks out of re-hab on the day he was released and Watson is his shadow hired by his father to keep him away from the substances that put him away for the minimum 45 days.

Yes I know a few people that have been in re-hab.  I’m sure you readers do as well.

But the way Holmes goes about his business is a bit like the CBS show The Mentalist where the normal detective work that is regularly performed to solve crimes is secondary to what takes place on Elementary.

This show has promise.  But I felt the same about A Gifted Man as my Friday nights will never be the same since CBS canceled that show.  There’s great quality in the production of Elementary and this show is a winner.  Let’s hope viewers find Elementary because it’s worth an hour of TV time.

Rick Thomas

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Cop Car Chase, FOX News Suicide Fiasco Airs Live (YouTube Graphic Video)

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Once  again the news business is in an embarrassing situation.  This time it’s a FOX News which now is in the business of not only trashing Barack Obama but feels the need to do what local stations here in Los Angeles do all the time.

Broadcast live coverage of cop car chases.  They’re calling it a FOX News Suicide.

This one did not end up well for FOX News.  Not at all.  And you can bet this may be the last time FOX News airs such content and will hopefully go back to trashing President Obama.

YouTube Preview Image

FOX News picked up the feed from an Arizona television station of police chase that want quite simply wrong on air.  The suspect took cops on a high speed chase and then turned off the main highway on to a dirt road.  He got out of the car and started running to try to get away when he stopped, pulled out a gun and shot himself in the head.

A FOX News Suicide airing live. 

The network claimed to be in what talk radio stations call 7 second delay having the ability to drop out of a live broadcast before such an incident.  That did not happen and the FOX News Suicide was broadcast live on FOX News.  Shepard Smith who as hosting the segment on FOX News provided a lighthearted play by play of the car chase until the actual suicide took place.

After the suicide he was not amused any longer.  “Get off…get off…get off it,!” Smith screamed to the producers who clearly did not get off it.  “That won’t happen again under my watch,” said Shepard Smith before moving on to the next story.

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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actor Kills Woman, Found Dead in Los Angeles

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In somewhat of a bizarre story in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles, Sons of Anarchy and The O.C. actor Johnny Lewis was found dead outside an upscale home after apparently killing the woman who owned the property. 

Police were called to a quiet neighborhood to a home that rented rooms to actors who needed short term lodging and Johnny Lewis was one of those residents.  Authorities report that Johnny Lewis, who played  Sons of Anarchy gang member Kip Epps, got in to a fight with other men outside the home and then one of the men believed to be Johnny Lewis jumped on the roof and fell or jumped off.

'Sons of Anarchy's Johnny Lewis

‘Sons of Anarchy’s Johnny Lewis

The 70 year old woman was found dead in her home of an apparent homicide as police investigate exactly what happened to lead to the incident. 

Former NBC News correspondent Dan Blackburn lived in the neighborhood and encountered Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis prior to his death.  Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis went on to Dan Blackburn’s property beating up the painter working on Blackburn’s property and then his wife and him.  Johnny Lewis tried to break in to Blackburn’s house after the three victims tried to get away.  Blackburn slammed the door on Sons of Anarchy actorJohnny Lewis’ arm in an prevent him from entering the home.


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