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Why Johnny and Hamid Can’t Read, Write or Definitely Spell? Women, Those of Indian Descent Taking Charge (YouTube Video)

June 2nd, 2013 No comments

White men, African American men, beware.  Soon we may become extinct.  Like dinosaurs.  Really, white men and African American men are in real trouble in America.  I probably can throw in a few other minorities and genders in some other extinct headed names in to the mix but after watching some of the National Spelling Bee on ESPN this morning (yes it was a repeat performance as the winner was chosen last week) there is a new generation of educational leadership and it’s not any of the expected categories.

YouTube Preview Image
Arvind Mahankali First Place Winner National Spelling Bee

Arvind Mahankali
First Place Winner
National Spelling Bee

The Championship Finalists were selected and there was not one, not one white kid.  Looking for any African American kids, well you’d better not look at the list of finalists for the National Spelling Bee on ESPN.

Working my StairMaster this morning at the 24 Hour Fitness I had my iPod blasting some smooth jazz in my ears as I watched the flat screen in front of me checking out the National Spelling Bee.  Now let me say for the record that the only class I was actually good at during my days in any level of education was spelling.  And gym.  And then dodge ball.

Other than that I was a simple moron in school.

But we’re facing a real issue in America today.  And I’m calling out all of you parents that have kids in school yet most are only competent in text speak.  You know the simple moronic communication of “LOL” which means “lots of laughs” or “TTYL” which stands for “talk to you later” and on and on with the massive amount of text speak mediocrity.

Yes, there’s not much more left in America today when none of the 11 finalists in the National Spelling Bee is a white male kid or African American child.  Not one.

This is an absolute nightmare for the education system and I derive this from watching ESPN, which of course is about as close as you can come to an episode of Jerry Springer.

Yes we have too many Angry White Men and Angry Black Men in this country.  White dudes complain about getting shorted and a raw deal and all of the blame for just about everything.  Black men whine and moan about not being able to get a job, being held down by the white man and whatever other reason they use to put the blame on everyone else but themselves.  But we have a problem in America.

A lot of people can’t spell.

Personally I don’t have to go far to see prime examples of the mediocrity of white and black males.  Especially when it comes to being able to put words together in some sort of order that makes sense.  I see a lot of resumes.  A lot.  Mostly from white guys looking for work.  I own a business that deals in the mainstream and I am stunned at the lack of professionalism from some of the people I deal with every day.

Some of these people are simple morons.  Morons.  Hey moron, there’s a thing call ‘spell check’ on your damn computer.  Wanna try to use it?

Black men, well you don’t get a break.  Not at all.  I interviewed one black male who came in to my office in jeans and lug looking boots for, yes, once again, an interview.  I had two black men come in to my office for a meeting and both were eating a meal as they met me for the first time.

I’m not kidding.

Rick Thomas MediaRich Marketing

Rick Thomas
MediaRich Marketing

One was munching on a donut, the other had stopped down at the McDonald’s down the street from my office prior to coming to my office.  Both of these morons came in munching away.

This may read funny but it’s not.  When I look at the names and determine the nationality of the top 11 finalists at the National Spelling Bee 9 of them were of Indian or Middle Eastern descent and a couple of white girls.

Am I the only one that sees this as a problem in America?

Sure these kids are citizens of this great country but every once in a while I’d like to see a person of my color or a person that looks like me compete in an educational environment.

Lots of laughs, right.  Well seriously this is a problem.  Nothing left to say but the next time I hear a white guy or an African American dude complain about their position in life, they’re fading away, there are too many immigrants in this country, women are taking over well the only thing I will say as I’m leaving is that I will talk to you later.

Rick Thomas

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HLN or Headline News, Jane Velez- Mitchell, Jodi Arias, Sensationalist Crap But You Gotta Love It

May 24th, 2013 No comments

Oh please will somebody just take this Jodi Arias and throw her in a prison.

Forever!!!  Please!!!

Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias

You know I love crap TV.  I watch it all the time.  It takes me away from the idiots that call themselves politician in Washington, the tornadoes in Oklahoma where I have to check in on friends to see if they’re still alive or calling people that I worked with in Boston after a couple of third world bottom-feeders decided to set off explosives at the Boston Marathon.  Yes I worked at WBZ Radio in the late 80’s and the finish line was where we had a hospitality suite and enjoyed that day.

So crap TV is a break.  It really is.

jane velez mitchell

Jane Velez Mitchell

But this Jodi Arias trial is so damn engaging.  Watching these reporters have absolute orgasms over the stupidity of Jodi Arias had me on the floor laughing with delight.  That Jane Velez-Mitchell, who worked in Philly when I lived in that city, actually did an interview with a dog.  A damn dog.

Apparently Jodi Arias left a dog in the house after she stabbed and shot and sliced her boyfriend in to pieces and this is what I have to watch on HLN or Headline News.

Yes baby!!!

Gotta love it!!!

There’s a lot of crap on television.  And if someone says something wrong about me watching The Maury Show or Judge Judy all they need to do is turn on Headline News.

What will they do when Jodi Arias goes away?

Rick Thomas Marketing


Morgan Freeman Goes ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ During TV Interview (YouTube Video)

May 23rd, 2013 No comments

OK so you gotta give the guy a break.  He is 75 years old and for any movie studio to set up what is termed a Satellite Media Tour in New York to have two really old actors try to stay awake is surely a challenge.  Just for the record and SMT is when you sit in a studio for hours doing interviews on television stations all across the country to promote a movie.  In this case Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman were pitching Now You See Me on Seattle’s Fox affiliate Q13.

YouTube Preview Image

Now the two anchors, for their amateur efforts, are really amateurs.  Seattle seems to be a feeder market for other major stations across the country and these two interviewers are pretty much ready for Boise as they are probably ask dumbest questions ever.  Either that or the movie studio that produced Now You See Me needs to get another rep that will give these anchors pre-set questions.  I mean do I really want Morgan Freeman giving advice to the anchors tween daughter on narration?


But Morgan Freeman clearly had a late night.  And it showed as Q13 must have been the last of a long line of interviews with him and Michael Caine.  He sure does seem to nod off.


Rick Thomas

MediaRich Marketing

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CBS New Show Trailers, ‘The Miller’s’ Is Very Funny (YouTube Videos) Robin Williams Maybe

May 18th, 2013 No comments

Here’s a look at some of the trailers for the new CBS television season.  Will Arnett’s The Miller’s should be one hell of a hit if the trailer is a real look at the show.  This may be one of the best new shows of the season.  You be the judge.

YouTube Preview Image

Robin Williams comes to television again from way back when as in Mork & Mindy but this one will be on the bubble.  As much as I really like Robin Williams I’m am sort of lukewarm on his new effort in The Crazy Ones.  Once again you be the judge.

YouTube Preview Image

Love Marg Helgenberger from the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation but this one seems to be really stupid.  Called Intelligence it seems not intelligent at all but take a look and let us know what you think.

YouTube Preview Image

Another dumb one with Anna Farris and Alison Janney who comes off The West Wing with one that will probably be a loser like Marg’s Intelligence.  This one is really bad.

YouTube Preview Image

The new Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott thing called Hostages is more than stupid.  No more needs to be said.  Dylan McDermott should have stayed with American Horror Story.

YouTube Preview Image

More to come.  But this is a good taste of some of the new programs coming up on CBS.

Rick Thomas Marketing


Watch New Show Trailers for the New FOX Television Season (YouTube Videos)

May 14th, 2013 No comments

There are several winners that look as if they could really bring new sizzle to FOX.  A few others look like duds.  This first one, Sleepy Hollow, looks like a winner.

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty good, ya think?  This next one, well I like Christopher Meloni but this one will be on the bubble if the trailer is any example of what the content of this new comedy will be.

YouTube Preview Image

Yeah you get my drift?  Not overly engaging.  But has some promise.  This one, Gang Related, is simply stupid.

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty awful, right.  Moving right along.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  Now every one of us would like to see Andre Braugher get a real hit.  This probably isn’t it.  Men of a Certain Age was fantastic and he was fantastic but clearly not stupid enough to gain a decent audience but this show Brooklyn Nine-Nine featuring Andy Samberg has gained that level of pure stupidity.

YouTube Preview Image

Could be fun.  But Andre may need to keep his resume handy because this one is another bubble.  Think The Office in a police precinct but even dumber.

YouTube Preview Image

This surely is not The Kennedys.  And Greg Kinnear must need the work to agree to be in this mess.

More to come.  But some good and some really bad.

Rick Thomas

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Only in Los Angeles Can Matthew Perry Get Congratulated for ‘Go On’ Being Canceled (YouTube Video)

May 14th, 2013 No comments

Matthew Perry was about as creatively funny during this interview as he was during his show Go On which just got canceled by NBC.

Matthew Perry from NBC's 'Go On'

Matthew Perry from NBC’s ‘Go On’

Meaning he was not…funny that is.  Go On  was pretty awful.  Except for Julie White.  Who pretty much has the best legs on television.  Yes if you get a chance to watch Go On  on Hulu or On Demand you will see the best legs on television especially since Julie White is 51 years of age and had to get stuck on a show that was headed for the canceled bin since the first episode.

If you watch this interview with Matthew Perry during the intermission of an LA Kings game you will see why the show is gone.  The guy seems to be a nice dude but he’s not funny.  And that came across during the show.

Too bad.

Because Go On, as a concept, was relatively smart.  It’s just Matthew Perry couldn’t carry the show and his personality was simply boring.  He needs a strong cast around him and although Julie White’s fine legs were worth the half hour, the rest of the cast just weren’t Friends.

YouTube Preview Image

Oh well.  Bye bye, Go On .  But this video is surely funny.

Rick Thomas


This Snotty Little 12 Year Old Needs to Get the Snot Slapped Out of Him (YouTube Video)

May 8th, 2013 No comments

This is why I don’t have kids.  Because this 12 year old asshole kid Jeremy Drew is a tried and true snooty little brat as we used to call them back in the day.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas?  Yeah I have many times.  Have you ever watch COPS on FOX?  Yeah I’ve seen a lot of episodes of COPS from Las Vegas and to be a cop and to have to work with the ingrates in Las Vegas surely is no fun.  This city has to be the sewer of places to be someone having to uphold the law.

YouTube Preview Image

Now here comes a snotty little 12 year old named Jeremy Drew.


I don’t like cops.  In fact I see the need for them when I see the need for them.  I’m in trouble, I call a cop.  Which is why I stay out of trouble.  I don’t have time to deal with the most uneducated people in society known as cops given the legal right to take the most important thing even given to citizens on every country on earth.

The legal right to take a life with a gun and a bullet.

But with that in mind comes the fact that cops take a lot of shit off of some of the worst human beings God ever created.  There are some ultimate bottom-feeders running around that cops have to deal with yet now this cop has to deal with 12 year old Jeremy Drew.  A 12 year old with the never and the chops of a snotty piece of future teenage crap that feels the need to approach a good cop that just wanted to get a cold drink and get back on duty.

Lucky I’m not a cop.  I would have shot this little SOB Jeremy Drew in the head because 12 year olds should be playing sports instead of screwing around with guys that face danger every day from those aforementioned bottom-feeders who at some times take the lives of cops.

Yeah…and I don’t like cops.

Rick Thomas/

Rick Thomas

There’s a time and a place for 12 year olds and it certainly isn’t filming cops.  Not at all.  Let’s hope this kid gets smart, that his parents get smart and he gets some really good advice before one cop that has limited time for a snotty kid doesn’t decide that it’s easier to run a kid over on his police motorbike because people like Jeremy Drew thinks he’s a wise-ass and pushes the record button.

See, that’s the problem with people today.  No class.  And the parents of Jeremy Drew and Jeremy Drew him 12 year old self have no sense of class.

Rick Thomas Marketing


My Night at Spago with Chef Wolfgang Puck and Claudette Robinson of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

May 8th, 2013 No comments

Baby Baby Don’t Cry right?


Lived in Los Angeles for 8 years and never been to Wolfgang Puck’s Spago.  The original was on Sunset in Hollywood but the new one that has been completely re-done in Beverly Hills.  Now there are a few things I can’s share here about why I was there but just saying Baby, Baby Don’t Cry is enough for me.  Yet eating one of the best meals I have ever had was experienced by me at Spago.

Gotta give Wolfgang Puck a lot of credit.  The meal was fantastic.

Claudette Robinson from "Smokey Robinson and the Miracles" with Wolfgang Puck and Rick Thomas from and MediaRich Marketing

Claudette Robinson from “Smokey Robinson and the Miracles” with Wolfgang Puck and Rick Thomas from and MediaRich Marketing

Now being with Claudette Robinson was enough.  She’s the ex of Smokey Robinson and she’s experiencing a great period of her life as Motown The Musical is blowing up on Broadway and Claudette Robinson is a treasure trove of that period that every music lover will never forget.

But meeting Wolfgang Puck topped of the evening.  Rarely, and I do mean rarely, would you expect the owner of a restaurant at the level of Spago to walk up to every table and I do mean every table and shake the hands along with chatting with his patrons.

It was a great experience.  And truly professional of Wolfgang Puck to do what he probably does every night when he’s in Los Angeles.

Here’s my proof.  Great night.  Thanks Wolfgang Puck.  The meal was amazing

Rick Thomas Marketing


Can Somebody in Television Take Off Those Freaking ‘Tena Twist’ Commercials Please !! Now!! (YouTube Videos)

April 29th, 2013 No comments

OK so I watch a lot of Judge Judy.  Every day.  Two new episodes five days a week.  And for me I always record both shows on my DVR and watch them as I am now, at 8PM Pacific time in the Los Angeles area know as Koreatown.  On my couch, stretched out, kinda ticked off at least today that the Indiana Pacers lost to the Atlanta Hawks and in full need of entertainment.

Now with a DVR I have the ability to speed past the commercials.  Yes I just pissed off a lot of people in the television business with that “speed past the commercials” line but that’s not the point of this post.

The point is these flipping Tena Twist commercials that continually run over and over during Judge Judy.

YouTube Preview Image

Just for the record, the Tena Twist is an underwear and pad for men and women of an older age who happen to be unable to hold their personal excretions and use such a device.

My future.  But do I have to see this crap on my television set while watching my second favorite judge show?  Yes Judge Judy is my second favorite judge show.  Love me some Judy but I’ve seen Judge Judy, I’ve watched Judge Judy and Judge Judy is no Judge Mathis.

But really do I need to watch this two, three, four or more times in an hour?  Really?  It’s like watching my mother dancing to this song and I love my mother but I don’t want to see my mother dancing on TV for some freaking underwear which when you twist it no liquid comes out.

I don’t want to see that.  I don’t.  Call me cruel but I want to see my mother on holidays, not on a damn commercial dancing for some flipping underwear pad.

The second video is so much better for this product.  I mean who the hell is the advertising agency that came up with this creative?  Really what meeting must there have been when creatively someone says “let’s have a bunch of women that look like our mothers and have them dance around all happy that they are not pissing on themselves.”

Oh yeah, that’s the creative session I’d like to sit in and participate.

Check out the second commercial below.  It is so much better.  And a bit classier.

The first one simply stinks.  Oh God, I’m watching my mother dance for an underwear pad.  I’m headed for a bridge.

Rick Thomas

YouTube Preview Image

A Female Sports Reporter, A Chicago Blackhawk, A Sexist Don Cherry and Women in Male Locker Rooms (Audio/YouTube Video)

April 28th, 2013 No comments

Well this is a mess.

Was Chicago Blackhawk defensman on the really on the defense and of more importance was his being sexist to a female reporter in a post game interview in the NHL team’s locker room?

That is the question.

And then you have Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry, who looks as if he keeps his wife locked in a chastity belt, commenting on women in male sports locker rooms to add to the mess.

And what a mess.

Don Cherry and Ron McClean from the CBC's Hockey Night in Canada

Don Cherry and Ron McClean from the CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada

The Blackhawks were playing the Vancouver Canucks and Team 104o radio sports reporter Karen Thomson was in the Blackhawks locker room for post game player interviews when she got in to this question and answer with the Chicago defenseman.

Duncan Keith’s Post Game Conversation with Karen Thomson of Team 1040

So there you have the conversation.  Was Duncan Keith being sexist or not?  Well you be the judge.

Then along comes old man Don Cherry on the CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada.  He really did not have to add to this mess.  But he felt the need to weigh in on Duncan Keith’s chat with Karen Thomson on the air by saying that women do not belong in males sporting events locker rooms.

Do you  agree or disagree?

YouTube Preview Image

Well today is not yesterday.  There was a female sports reporter that got kicked out of the locker room during my real early years covering sports teams in Philadelphia.  She was termed a “jock sniffer” by the players on this unnamed team and banned from doing any post game interviews for her penchant of taking interest in the player’s bodily formations after the game.  And some players back then had no problem walking around the locker room completely unclothed as there were only male sports reporter, well way back then.

Rick Thomas/

Rick Thomas

Fast forward to today.  These women could pretty much care less.  They are there to cover the game, get the post game interviews and post their stories.  Women in sports and in the real world don’t respect such “jock sniffers” as they feel they have an ulterior motive for being in those male locker rooms.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are women all over the players of professional sports teams in America and Canada.  Attend any game and you will surely be amazed (or maybe you won’t) at the number of women who attend the games just to meet some of these players.But not the female sports announcers.  Most and I do mean most are in a different class.  And class is the word.

Next time Don Cherry opens his mouth he should re-shut it.  Quickly.  Watch the video.  The bullcrap start at 2:16 in.

Rick Thomas Marketing

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