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Only in Los Angeles Can Matthew Perry Get Congratulated for ‘Go On’ Being Canceled (YouTube Video)

May 14th, 2013 No comments

Matthew Perry was about as creatively funny during this interview as he was during his show Go On which just got canceled by NBC.

Matthew Perry from NBC's 'Go On'

Matthew Perry from NBC’s ‘Go On’

Meaning he was not…funny that is.  Go On  was pretty awful.  Except for Julie White.  Who pretty much has the best legs on television.  Yes if you get a chance to watch Go On  on Hulu or On Demand you will see the best legs on television especially since Julie White is 51 years of age and had to get stuck on a show that was headed for the canceled bin since the first episode.

If you watch this interview with Matthew Perry during the intermission of an LA Kings game you will see why the show is gone.  The guy seems to be a nice dude but he’s not funny.  And that came across during the show.

Too bad.

Because Go On, as a concept, was relatively smart.  It’s just Matthew Perry couldn’t carry the show and his personality was simply boring.  He needs a strong cast around him and although Julie White’s fine legs were worth the half hour, the rest of the cast just weren’t Friends.

YouTube Preview Image

Oh well.  Bye bye, Go On .  But this video is surely funny.

Rick Thomas


This Snotty Little 12 Year Old Needs to Get the Snot Slapped Out of Him (YouTube Video)

May 8th, 2013 No comments

This is why I don’t have kids.  Because this 12 year old asshole kid Jeremy Drew is a tried and true snooty little brat as we used to call them back in the day.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas?  Yeah I have many times.  Have you ever watch COPS on FOX?  Yeah I’ve seen a lot of episodes of COPS from Las Vegas and to be a cop and to have to work with the ingrates in Las Vegas surely is no fun.  This city has to be the sewer of places to be someone having to uphold the law.

YouTube Preview Image

Now here comes a snotty little 12 year old named Jeremy Drew.


I don’t like cops.  In fact I see the need for them when I see the need for them.  I’m in trouble, I call a cop.  Which is why I stay out of trouble.  I don’t have time to deal with the most uneducated people in society known as cops given the legal right to take the most important thing even given to citizens on every country on earth.

The legal right to take a life with a gun and a bullet.

But with that in mind comes the fact that cops take a lot of shit off of some of the worst human beings God ever created.  There are some ultimate bottom-feeders running around that cops have to deal with yet now this cop has to deal with 12 year old Jeremy Drew.  A 12 year old with the never and the chops of a snotty piece of future teenage crap that feels the need to approach a good cop that just wanted to get a cold drink and get back on duty.

Lucky I’m not a cop.  I would have shot this little SOB Jeremy Drew in the head because 12 year olds should be playing sports instead of screwing around with guys that face danger every day from those aforementioned bottom-feeders who at some times take the lives of cops.

Yeah…and I don’t like cops.

Rick Thomas/

Rick Thomas

There’s a time and a place for 12 year olds and it certainly isn’t filming cops.  Not at all.  Let’s hope this kid gets smart, that his parents get smart and he gets some really good advice before one cop that has limited time for a snotty kid doesn’t decide that it’s easier to run a kid over on his police motorbike because people like Jeremy Drew thinks he’s a wise-ass and pushes the record button.

See, that’s the problem with people today.  No class.  And the parents of Jeremy Drew and Jeremy Drew him 12 year old self have no sense of class.

Rick Thomas Marketing


My Night at Spago with Chef Wolfgang Puck and Claudette Robinson of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

May 8th, 2013 No comments

Baby Baby Don’t Cry right?


Lived in Los Angeles for 8 years and never been to Wolfgang Puck’s Spago.  The original was on Sunset in Hollywood but the new one that has been completely re-done in Beverly Hills.  Now there are a few things I can’s share here about why I was there but just saying Baby, Baby Don’t Cry is enough for me.  Yet eating one of the best meals I have ever had was experienced by me at Spago.

Gotta give Wolfgang Puck a lot of credit.  The meal was fantastic.

Claudette Robinson from "Smokey Robinson and the Miracles" with Wolfgang Puck and Rick Thomas from and MediaRich Marketing

Claudette Robinson from “Smokey Robinson and the Miracles” with Wolfgang Puck and Rick Thomas from and MediaRich Marketing

Now being with Claudette Robinson was enough.  She’s the ex of Smokey Robinson and she’s experiencing a great period of her life as Motown The Musical is blowing up on Broadway and Claudette Robinson is a treasure trove of that period that every music lover will never forget.

But meeting Wolfgang Puck topped of the evening.  Rarely, and I do mean rarely, would you expect the owner of a restaurant at the level of Spago to walk up to every table and I do mean every table and shake the hands along with chatting with his patrons.

It was a great experience.  And truly professional of Wolfgang Puck to do what he probably does every night when he’s in Los Angeles.

Here’s my proof.  Great night.  Thanks Wolfgang Puck.  The meal was amazing

Rick Thomas Marketing


Can Somebody in Television Take Off Those Freaking ‘Tena Twist’ Commercials Please !! Now!! (YouTube Videos)

April 29th, 2013 No comments

OK so I watch a lot of Judge Judy.  Every day.  Two new episodes five days a week.  And for me I always record both shows on my DVR and watch them as I am now, at 8PM Pacific time in the Los Angeles area know as Koreatown.  On my couch, stretched out, kinda ticked off at least today that the Indiana Pacers lost to the Atlanta Hawks and in full need of entertainment.

Now with a DVR I have the ability to speed past the commercials.  Yes I just pissed off a lot of people in the television business with that “speed past the commercials” line but that’s not the point of this post.

The point is these flipping Tena Twist commercials that continually run over and over during Judge Judy.

YouTube Preview Image

Just for the record, the Tena Twist is an underwear and pad for men and women of an older age who happen to be unable to hold their personal excretions and use such a device.

My future.  But do I have to see this crap on my television set while watching my second favorite judge show?  Yes Judge Judy is my second favorite judge show.  Love me some Judy but I’ve seen Judge Judy, I’ve watched Judge Judy and Judge Judy is no Judge Mathis.

But really do I need to watch this two, three, four or more times in an hour?  Really?  It’s like watching my mother dancing to this song and I love my mother but I don’t want to see my mother dancing on TV for some freaking underwear which when you twist it no liquid comes out.

I don’t want to see that.  I don’t.  Call me cruel but I want to see my mother on holidays, not on a damn commercial dancing for some flipping underwear pad.

The second video is so much better for this product.  I mean who the hell is the advertising agency that came up with this creative?  Really what meeting must there have been when creatively someone says “let’s have a bunch of women that look like our mothers and have them dance around all happy that they are not pissing on themselves.”

Oh yeah, that’s the creative session I’d like to sit in and participate.

Check out the second commercial below.  It is so much better.  And a bit classier.

The first one simply stinks.  Oh God, I’m watching my mother dance for an underwear pad.  I’m headed for a bridge.

Rick Thomas

YouTube Preview Image

A Female Sports Reporter, A Chicago Blackhawk, A Sexist Don Cherry and Women in Male Locker Rooms (Audio/YouTube Video)

April 28th, 2013 No comments

Well this is a mess.

Was Chicago Blackhawk defensman on the really on the defense and of more importance was his being sexist to a female reporter in a post game interview in the NHL team’s locker room?

That is the question.

And then you have Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry, who looks as if he keeps his wife locked in a chastity belt, commenting on women in male sports locker rooms to add to the mess.

And what a mess.

Don Cherry and Ron McClean from the CBC's Hockey Night in Canada

Don Cherry and Ron McClean from the CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada

The Blackhawks were playing the Vancouver Canucks and Team 104o radio sports reporter Karen Thomson was in the Blackhawks locker room for post game player interviews when she got in to this question and answer with the Chicago defenseman.

Duncan Keith’s Post Game Conversation with Karen Thomson of Team 1040

So there you have the conversation.  Was Duncan Keith being sexist or not?  Well you be the judge.

Then along comes old man Don Cherry on the CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada.  He really did not have to add to this mess.  But he felt the need to weigh in on Duncan Keith’s chat with Karen Thomson on the air by saying that women do not belong in males sporting events locker rooms.

Do you  agree or disagree?

YouTube Preview Image

Well today is not yesterday.  There was a female sports reporter that got kicked out of the locker room during my real early years covering sports teams in Philadelphia.  She was termed a “jock sniffer” by the players on this unnamed team and banned from doing any post game interviews for her penchant of taking interest in the player’s bodily formations after the game.  And some players back then had no problem walking around the locker room completely unclothed as there were only male sports reporter, well way back then.

Rick Thomas/

Rick Thomas

Fast forward to today.  These women could pretty much care less.  They are there to cover the game, get the post game interviews and post their stories.  Women in sports and in the real world don’t respect such “jock sniffers” as they feel they have an ulterior motive for being in those male locker rooms.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are women all over the players of professional sports teams in America and Canada.  Attend any game and you will surely be amazed (or maybe you won’t) at the number of women who attend the games just to meet some of these players.But not the female sports announcers.  Most and I do mean most are in a different class.  And class is the word.

Next time Don Cherry opens his mouth he should re-shut it.  Quickly.  Watch the video.  The bullcrap start at 2:16 in.

Rick Thomas Marketing

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Obama, Conan Rock at White House Correspondents Dinner 2013 in Washington (YouTube Videos)

April 28th, 2013 No comments
YouTube Preview Image

Every year the media in America gets together for the White House Correspondents Dinner 2013 in Washington.  From all walks of life even beyond the press corp that covers the President on a daily basis.  From the entertainment world to the sports world to the political world at the White House Correspondents Dinner featuring the President of the United States Barack Obama and television host and personality Conan O’Brien.

Both were simply fantastic.

The President was simply strong, even more stronger than his past performances at the White House Correspondents Dinner 2013.   Conan  was solid as well.  But you be the judge.  Watch both videos here.

It’s always a good show at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

YouTube Preview Image
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What is ‘, ‘Blue’ and Julia Stiles That I’m Seeing All Over ‘On Demand’ (YouTube Video)

April 10th, 2013 No comments

OK I have to admit.  I’m a huge Julia Stiles fan.  Her work in Dexter was simply fantastic.  Dexter is a monster show on Showtime and the two Bourne films as Nicky Parsons.   The Bourne Supremacy in 2004 and The Bourne Ultimatum in 2007 were the two films where Julia Stiles made her bones in my book.

YouTube Preview Image

Now there’s Blue.  An online video content delivery web-site that seems to be launching in the right way.  The right way that may lead to the demise of regular TV.  The promos for Blue are all over On Demand and all I can say now is watch this episode I grabbed off of YouTube and let us know what you think.  This YouTube series will get me at least to watch so I’m going to give it a shot.

This could be the next coming of great content online and well beyond the malaise of network television.  We shall see.

Damn Julia Stiles is hot!

Rick Thomas

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It’s About Friggin’ Time, NBC Dumps Jay Leno for Jimmy Fallon on Fledgling ‘Tonight Show’

April 3rd, 2013 No comments

“Didn’t we just go through this?,” ask David Letterman on his show after the Tonight Show announcement.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno

This has to be the stupidest thing the fourth ranked network known as NBC has experienced.  It just got completely out of control as Jay Leno, current host of the Tonight Show just constantly brutalized NBC network executives with his monologue trashing everything that is NBC.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon

Now the end is coming in the Spring of 2014.  Jimmy Fallon has officially been named the new host of the Tonight Show at some point during that time of year.  No date yet but the mess that is NBC has finally come to fruition as change is a coming for late night and there’s more adjustments in the air.

"Late Show with David Letterman"

“Late Show with David Letterman”

The Tonight Show is moving back to New York and Mayor Michael Bloomberg is losing it as the show leave Burbank, California and heads back east to suffice Jimmy Fallon.

“Univision, he’s going there,” continues David Letterman.

NBC.  What a mess.

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The Clear Violation, Abuse of Children As Mike Rice, Rutgers University Now the Focus of Child Abuse (YouTube Video)

April 3rd, 2013 No comments

This is another example of the complete and clear mediocrity of America.  And over the last couple of years we’ve seen the stupidity of those in the higher echelon of this country who are charged with teaching kids not abusing them.

Penn State was simply a tragedy.  The worst of the worst is what follows the name Penn State.

Puke.  That is, or “we are Penn State.”


They coddle pedophiles and are nothing more than a bunch of nasty, crabby, old white dudes that show the perverse, rot-gut sexual nature of our society.

Penn State is vomit.

Mike Rice, Former Head Basketball Coach - Rutgers

Mike Rice, Former Head Basketball Coach – Rutgers

YouTube Preview Image

Throw in Rutgers University in the great state of New Jersey.  The state that has a very popular Governor in Chris Christie. the poster boy for obesity is now back in the news because of Rutgers University.  Rutgers University is alleged to have done a ‘Penn State’ in hiding the constant abuse of the players on its basketball team as coach Mike Rice is making the rounds on media world wide for his antics.

And Rutgers University top level officials are accused of hiding the criminal actions of Mike Rice.  Mike Rice is a criminal and should be throw in prison along with the athletic director and the president of the university.

Now he’s crying and acting like the little bitch that Mike Rice is…

Criminals…each and every one.

This is why I don’t have kids.  Watch the video.  If this puke coach Mike Rice had thrown a ball at my kid or shoved or kicked my offspring Mike Rice wouldn’t have made it from basketball practice to his car to go home to his wife and kids.

You get to the point sometimes where you want to avoid a trial and rely on street justice.  In other words I would have kicked this piece of junk Mike Rice’s ass so hard he would have been crapping out of his nostrils.

There would be no trial.

These people at Rutgers University, with complete knowledge of Mike Rice’s actions, are child abusers.  Perverts and child abusers.  And child abusers belong in the same cell as Jerry Sandusky.

Getting reamed by their cell mate Bubba.

The lawyers are lining up.  Lawyers for the kids, lawyers for the whistle-blower who took the video to ESPN, and of course lawyers for the state of New Jersey for its support of Rutgers University.  Yes Rutgers is a state school my friends.

Rick Thomas/

Rick Thomas

Is this as bad as Penn State?


Because Rutgers University should have learned from the ignorance, the hubris, the ego and the stupidity of Penn State.  This tragedy at Rutgers University is not going away.  And it shouldn’t.  Prison should be the next step for Mike Rice.

Say hello to my little friend Bubba!!

Rick Thomas

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Another Drunk, Dead Reality Personality in Shain Gandee and Let’s Feel Bad for Him? Bull You Know What!!!!!

April 2nd, 2013 No comments

Here we go again.  Everyone is beating the crap out of me in the blog world again.  They are tearing me apart because of my limited cause of emotion for a drunk driving, kill yourself reality person that is blowing up the search world for getting plastered, getting behind the wheel of a car and killing himself along with others in another example of stupid reality TV tricks.

Shain Gandee from MTV's 'Buckwild'

Shain Gandee from MTV’s ‘Buckwild’

Shain Gandee, the focus of another one of MTV’s crappy reality shows called Buckwild, is dead like a lot of other reality TV people because the 21 year old left a bar at 3AM and went mudding.

What the hell is mudding?

The spell check on my computer doesn’t even recognize what Shain Gandee made famous.  The practice or mudding.

They’ve been kicking my ass on The Hollywood Reporter because of my lack of sensitivity on the death of Shain Gandee who got behind the wheel of a car and decided to drive.

Drinking and driving.  A bad combination.  For me.  And maybe a few.  But every time I beat the crap out of some jackass like Shain Gandee for for drinking and driving they come out of the blog world wood work to make me feel bad for demeaning those who get behind the wheel and drive a vehicle.

They can all go to hell.

Here’s what they’re saying about me as I trash anyone that drinks and drives.


I wish I knew all of the people talking trash about a deceased child, as I would love to stand toe-to-toe with each and everyone of the disrespectful and get my punches in!!! COME ON DOWN SOUTH KID, WE CAN “TALK” ABOUT THIS FACE TO FACE!!!

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