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Why does moderate readers’ comments? wants one thing more than anything else…to hear from you, our readers. But we also need to make sure that we create a space where readers can engage in fun, intelligent, and safe dialogue.

Our goal is to post all of the comments we receive, but we will obviously screen out those postings that are abusive or that do not deal with the topic being discussed. Because we receive so many reader comments, once the comments are posted, they cannot be changed.

What kind of comments are looking for? wants to put you in the “TV Critics Chair.” Too often, you have to read an article or see a story about why this TV critic or that TV critic does…or does not…like this show or that TV star. Well, now YOU’RE the Real TV Critic! Tell us why the show you love should be renewed for another season, or the show you hate should be canceled! Why Leno is better than Letterman, or why Conan is better than them all! Why the girl that just got voted off “Survivor” got a raw deal! Whatever you have to say about anything that’s TV, we want to hear it.

However, is determined to maintain high standards for our website. We will not allow the following: profanity, vulgarity, personal attacks, obscenity, commercial promotion, or SHOUTING. We reserve the right to exclude any comments we deem inappropriate.

Does edit comments? does not edit comments, which is why we want you to keep your comments appropriate so we can post them. We also may use your comments to highlight a specific article or discussion about a TV show or celebrity. Also, if we see that your comments are intelligent and insightful, we may invite you to be a “Guest” columnist!

Where and when will display my comments?

Readers can click on a link at the end of an article to post their comments, and once it is reviewed and approved, it will end up on the comments page. Obviously, wants to post readers’ comments as soon as possible, so during business hours, Monday through Friday, comments will get posted quicker than during evening hours and on the weekends.

Should I use my real name on

That decision is entirely up to you. Whatever name you want to use is the name that will appear for millions of people to see on You can certainly choose to stay anonymous, but if you’d like people to take notice of who you are and what you say and become a recognized critic, use your real name or initials.

What if I have an article I’d like to submit to

What did we say up above? wants to hear from you! If you have an article you’d like to submit, send it to “ There are no guarantees that we will ever post one of your articles, but like we said, if your article is intelligent and insightful, you never know. Be aware that any article you submit is subject to editing by

Do I need to register with both and Google Friend Connect?

We HIGHLY recommend registration with both, and it is quick and easy. Registering with will help us keep you up to date on all the top entertainment news and allow you top post your comments. Registering with Google Friend Connect will let you keep your friends involved with everything that’s happening on, as well.


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