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Let the Lawsuits Begin, Last Night Anaheim Cops Turn California City in to a War Zone (YouTube Video)

July 22nd, 2012 No comments

Yes it’s time to get the law firm of Rabinowitz, Rabinowitz and the other Rabinowitz as Archie Bunker used to say on the CBS show All in the Family.  First the real Southern section of California has to deal with San Diego being the home of a mass murderer who tore apart lives in Aurora, Colorado.  Now the sleepy little city of Anaheim, California is about to become a hotbed of negative activity as police there took aim with bean bags and cop dogs to control an out of control situation in that city.

Of course, cameras were rolling on all of the action and KCAL 9, the CBS owned TV station in Los Angeles, was there recording all of the police activity.

It’s not good.

YouTube Preview Image

Cops did one of those chases you see on a version of the old COPS television show on FOX and the outcome did not go the way Anaheim cops nor the person chased wanted it to end.  Meaning that the suspect decided to run rather that chat with the responding officer.  For the record, police in California are in pretty good physical condition these days working out regularly and eating salads instead of cheese steak hoagies for lunch as cops do in Philadelphia.

You can’t outrun California cops.

The chase ended bad.  The guy who was chased was shot and ended up dying and the community there is up in arms, so much that cops in riot gear ended up shooting bean bags, beating up residents and finally a K9 dog got loose grabbing on to the arm of one of the residents out in the crowd.

All hell broke loose.

And the rest is going to be history.  Just watch the video.  Not pretty.

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‘Today Show’ Co-Host Seat Big Headache for Savannah Guthrie

July 21st, 2012 No comments

So let the games begin.  And we’re not talking about the Olympics on NBC which is really what that network would like viewers to focus on as the London games get underway.


It’s the continuing decline of the network’s staple, foundational morning show called Today.  Well today the ABC competitive program Good Morning America has found its way to upend NBC’s Today Show as the leader in morning news and entertainment programming.


Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer on NBC’s ‘Today Show’

And that race seems to have take it’s toll on new host Savannah Guthrie already according to the New York Post.  “Migraine Misery on ‘Today'” screams the headline in last Friday’s version of the story in that newspaper.  Seems the new co-host is having some significant medical issues in the form of migraine headaches which is apparently nothing new for Savannah Guthrie.  But with her new duties as the third co-host with Matt Lauer after Katie Couric’s CBS Evening News debacle, the migraines just keep on coming.

An unidentified source told the New York Post “She goes to a doctor two days a week for treatment of the migraines,” this person said in an effort to stab Savannah in the back.  “The pressure of taking over after Ann’s execution is taking its toll,” continued the source.

Well there the story continues.  Ann Curry was tossed from the co-host chair after the ratings for Today kept dropping and dropping like Mitt Romney’s chances of becoming President.  So after she go booted replacing Meredith Vieira Ms. Guthrie was cast the role which is nothing more than putting her tail in the hottest seat on morning television.

Maybe not a good career or health move.

Read more on this story from the New York Post link below.

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After a Weekend of Bad News, Can We Do Something Good for Baby Isaiah?

July 21st, 2012 No comments

I could sit back and watch the mess unfolding in Aurora, Colorado.  When my three year old nephew is asleep or watching trains on my computer I can get an update on the tragedy Colorado is dealing with from the aftermath of another mass mess that will once again hold the media hostage for weeks to come.

Baby Isaiah and Brother Aiden

Baby Isaiah and Brother Aiden

Or I could change the topic, at least on this blog, at least for now, and chat about something that will make us all feel a little better today.  And maybe can help a family in my life city Los Angeles.  Where a two year old is in need of medical care for an issue that affects 1/3 of all kid’s his age who develop pediatric cancers in America.

Baby Isaiah has High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Five words Baby Isaiah’s parents certainly did not want to hear from a doctor.  I’m sure Baby Isaiah’s Mom and Dad asked for a deeper explanation of what those five words really mean.

That explanation would not be good.

What it means is now that the diagnosis of High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is confirmed, Baby Isaiah will need to go through several rounds of chemotherapy to begin the process of recovery leading to the rest of this two year old’s life.

Baby Isaiah

Baby Isaiah “Always Smiling”

Here’s the  real story.

This will not be easy.  Going through chemotherapy at any age is not easy.  And Baby Isaiah now will face the most difficult challenge of his early life.

So the battle begins.

And as I sit watching an another episode, yes another episode of many episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine this Saturday morning with my three year old nephew sitting on my lap, I can’t think of the battle and the emotion that Baby Isaiah’s parents will endure during this very difficult period of their lives.

This is not a good time for them.  Bertha and Renzo need our help.

We will talk about how you can donate to help this family for their medical bills soon.  Remember, just as a quick reminder, we live in a country where health care is a privilege for some and becomes a burden for others as this could be for Baby Isaiah’s parents. Baby Isaiah

But if we can grab some good news out of this diagnosis, here’s a bit.  And I’m quoting this from, a web-site where I did a little research on High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  “With improvements in diagnosis and treatment, overall cure rates for children with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia have reached 90%.”

Yes that’s a good thing.

Because a significant fraction of our society in this country feel giving health care to all without the risk of financial ruin is not what we as Americans should do, these parents, Bertha and Renzo Rios, are faced with what will probably be a lifelong effort to keep Baby Isaiah healthy for the rest of his life.  So the family is in the midst of a fundraiser to generate $20,000 to help manage costs that their insurance doesn’t cover.

“We are starting with an ambitious goal…which could help them get through the first phase of chemotherapy,” say the words on, a web-site designed to help families in need.

And therein lies the reason for ObamaCare.  Not to get political here but since the full health care program is not in place this is a good time to think of Baby Isaiah, his mother, father and his newborn brother Aiden.  And offer a couple of dollars as a donation for his difficult…their difficult journey.

And on this weekend tragedy in Colorado, as much as we pray for all of those people gone and hurt by a gunman’s senseless act, we should all take a minute, just a moment, to do something good in our personal lives.  Help by giving to Baby Isaiah and his family at the link below.

So here are a few pictures.  That’s Baby Isaiah and his brother Aiden.  “Always smiling,” is the caption on one of his photos.  Let’s keep him in mind this weekend and help if you can.  And pray, real soon, that his parents will be sitting some Saturday morning soon with Baby Isaiah and Aiden on their laps, watching as I have, about 45 episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine and enjoying every minute.

Rick Thomas

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White Peep, Black Peeps, Old, Young, Gay, Straight…Who the Hell is Frank Ocean?

July 17th, 2012 No comments

Frank Ocean.  Yeah Frank Ocean.  I’m really unhappy with Frank Ocean tonight.  Not for any other reason that how he kinda messed up my evening at Ralph’s on Western and Wilshire in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles as Frank Ocean is appearing tonight at the Wiltern Theater.frank ocean

Frank Ocean

Yeah I have to talk about singer Frank Ocean.  This guy is trending big time all over the internet these days with his unique brand of music and his ability to draw in big crowds not hiding his sexual orientation as a black gay dude in the industry that pumps up straight content from Tyga, Big Sean, Pusha T, Young Jeezy, J. Cole, Kirko Bangz and a lot of other acts seeking out women of all ages and races.

frank ocean1

Frank Ocean

They ain’t Frank Ocean.  This boy is bad!

Frank Ocean appeared Tuesday night at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.  Had them lined up around the damn corner.  Around the Ralph’s supermarket where I shop and where I needed my jolt of cheap scotch after a day of dealing with people and issues that are my real position in life.  Working for clients and being in crisis mode all day.

Yeah, crisis mode all day.

But this brotha Frank Ocean is huge.  The people headed in to the Frank Ocean concert tonight was such a diverse crowd that if you are not familiar with Frank Ocean you will be soon.

Who the hell is Frank Ocean?  Well this guy has nothing to do with TV but when Frank Ocean inspires me to write about him on this blog you gotta believe he’s gonna be big.  Really big.

Listen in to Frank Ocean.  This boy is bad.  Badass.  Gotta like some Frank Ocean.  Check him out.

Rick Thomas

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
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USA Network…What the Hell Were You Thinking? Simply “Irritating” in The Form of ‘Political Animals’

July 16th, 2012 No comments

Simply awesome.  That being Sigourney Weaver who without question is an incredible performer no matter what she appears in, TV or film.  Sigourney Weaver can play Aunt Jemima and I will still enjoy her on the big screen and even on USA Network which premiered P0litical Animals last night on the cable channel.

But could this have been any more of a disappointment. 

Political Animals - Season 1

Sigourney Weaver in USA Network’s ‘Political Animals’

No.  It was simply awful.  Really bad.  A project that could have left a better taste in the viewer’s persona just creatively failed from beginning to end.  Oh yeah , that’s right I never got to the end of this over-acted, amazingly boring effort to re-create whatever they tried to re-create but I’ve watched The West Wing and P0litical Animals surely is no The West Wing.

Aaron Sorkin can rest easy.  The cable network all of us know as USA Network dropped a turd last night and I suspect it will not get any better.  It was the worst hour and a half of political television I have ever watched.

What was the point?  What was the foundation for releasing this crap to a green-light?  P0litical Animals is in the front of the line for the cancellaton bin and it could not get there any faster.

USA Network must be kissing somebody’s tail with the premier of P0litical Animals.  From really bad acting to really bad story-lines to really bad everything this is without question so predictable and so amateur that you gotta figure how USA Network could be supportive of such a weak effort.

This is all of the writing this mess deserves.  38 minutes in and I’m gone.  What a waste.  Would rather watch an episode of Dallas and that show stinks. 

USA Network, what the hell were you thinking?

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Here We Go! Finally, We’re Back to ‘Breaking Bad’ on AMC

July 15th, 2012 No comments

Gus is gone.  Yeah they done blew up Gustavo Fring, the cold faced character played by the incredible most under-rated and under-used Giancarlo Esposito during last season’s run of AMC’s Breaking Bad.  Blew my boy up, half his face torn away by a bomb that ended the final episode of Breaking Bad and the new season that starts tonight on Breaking Bad will have to do a whole hell of a lot to do to beat last season.

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) - 'Breaking Bad' - Season 5 on AMC

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) – ‘Breaking Bad’ – Season 5 on AMC

Last season on Breaking Bad was one of the best on cable television’s arc of dramas that include a whole lot of great dramas.  Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are on a roll.  A new roll as Sunday night premieres the fifth season of Breaking Bad and there’s not one fan of the show that hasn’t said “thank God” the series has returned. 


What will this new season bring?  We don’t know but most of us can’t say we don’t care.  Walter White played by the incredicbly engaging Bryan Cranston is the chemistry teacher that begins his ongoing personal drug cartel by cooking meth and making millions of dollars for himself and his partner Jesse Pinkman portrayed by the also incredible Aaron Paul who acts as his assistant in cooking the highly addictive drug.

But now what will happen?  Walter is the one who poisoned the son of Jesse’s girlfriend and will Jesse find out?   If he does will Jesse react or overeact?   

This is it for Breaking Bad on AMC.  The last 16 episodes starts tonight and we will all be looking forward to how this solid drama end.

Let the cooking begin!

Rick Thomas

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The Beginning of the End for FOX’s ‘American Idol’

July 15th, 2012 No comments

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler got it right.  Randy Jackson, well Randy Jackson has be a multi-millionaire mogul in the music industry for way too long and him being the last to make a decision on being a part of American Idol makes sense.  Let’s see…a music mogul on a music focused reality show?  Yeah he will stick around for as long as FOX wants him.

Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson on 'American Idol' on FOX

But the end is very near.  The end of the huge budgets to present the formerly iconic, still very heavily watched TV show American Idol.  Reports are flying about that the show will be significantly restructured for the upcoming season well beyond the loss of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, both announcing their departures from American Idol.

Why is all of this happening?

 American Idolhas failed miserably in the most important area of growing a television program.  That’s increasing the ratings and even with 20 million viewers watching every week during each episode, it pales in comparision with the 30 million plus that watched when American Idol first began to air.

Well getting that audience is never coming back to American Idol.  Never.  And with over 30% of its audience gone the opportunity for increasing ad dollars during the upcoming seasons is impossible.  Getting back the shine that was American Idol is gone so cutting back on operations and marketing of the show is in order.  That is going to happen, no doubt.  And losing two major names in Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, well think about this.  Would you want to be part of a declining show?  How’s that gonna look on your resume?

This is not unexpected.  Show’s decline.  Yes they do.  Budgets for big shows get cut.  Expected.  But once again what talent  with any level of quality will want to come to a show that is going in the wrong direction?

 American Idolis in trouble.  More to come.

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Here We Go Again, Viacom About Ready to Screw Consumers, Dropping Direct TV

July 10th, 2012 No comments

No wonder why pay television is so damn expensive.  Viacom wants a 30% increase in user fees for their service from DirecTV, both companies stock prices are falling and you can bet as a consumer you’re about to pay more in your local fees for the satellite service.

Oh joy!

DirecTV is pissed off at Viacom for what they call “bundling practices” and the fact that Viacom wants a rate increase from what they pay for their service.  Viacom calls DirecTV “ancient” and those words are in quotes because that’s exactly what Viacom said about DirecTV.

Oh joy!

The hits just keep on coming we used to say in the radio business.  Tonight could be the last night Viacom related properties carry content from DirecTV.  That 30% increase in user fees amounts to about $3 billion dollars which is a hell of a lot of money so now you can understand why there’s no love lost between Viacom and DirecTV.

So expect bigger fees on your monthly bill.

This is not unusual.  This crap about screwing consumers is a regular story for all of us.  But instead of us going through the rigamaroll of what this all means just read this story from the Wall Street Journal.

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“There go my baby daddy,” Says Kourtney Kardashian to Scott Disick Welcoming Number 2

July 9th, 2012 No comments

Penelope Scotland Disick.  Yes that’s the name of baby number two between reality television personality Kourtney Kardashian and her baby daddy Scott Disick as the couple welcomes number two to the fold after Kourtney Kardashian drops the load on delivery of their first daughter. 

KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS -- Season: 7 -- Pictured: Kourtney Kardashian


E! reports the delivery exclusively as expected since that cable network carries a ton of their content.  “Scott and I are overjoyed to welcome our precious angel Penelope Scotland Disick in to our lives,” said the Kourtney Kardashian in a statement to E!.

This is number two for Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. 

Penelope Scotland Disick weighed in at 7 pounds 14 ounces on delivery by natural childbirth.  “She had an easy delivery,” said  Mom Mom Kris Jenner after the birth of her grandchild. 

There is the possibility that the couple has filmed the birth and will put in on the reality content the Kardashian’s produce for E!.

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Adam Lambert, New Judge on ‘American Idol?’ Yeah, That Should Lower Ratings Even More

July 9th, 2012 No comments

Is it over?  Is it officially over for American Idol?  Has the leader in reality contesting that jumped FOX in to the winning position some nights over really big time network programming throw in the towel?  Has reality television on the competition side come to an end?

Adam Lambert, Runner Up for FOX TV's 'American Idol'

Adam Lambert, Runner Up for FOX TV’s ‘American Idol’

With Jennifer Lopez seemingly opting out of the next round on American Idol, Randy Jackson also at a point where he’s old news after his time on the show and Steven Tyler still mulling over another season as judge on the show, the new name to sit at one of those seats is Adam Lambert.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Yes Adam Lambert could be the next guy in the judges seat on American Idol which is an indication that the show either  has limited time left on FOX or the drop in ratings forces the show to hire low end talent to pick and choose the winners and losers on the show.

AMERICAN IDOL judge Steven Tyler

AMERICAN IDOL judge Steven Tyler

FOX, according to E!i is trying to keep JenniferLopez in the fold on American Idol.  Though the singer has a massage therapist for each leg on her being, the show will truly be missing a huge asset if they lose J-Lo.  And sliding through the potential of losing all three judges in one season is not going to look good on anyone’s resume over at FOX.

More to come.

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