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This Won’t Be The Warm, Fuzzy Presidential Race, Watch Obama, Clinton Take on Mitt Romney

April 27th, 2012 No comments

Nobody said this was gonna be easy.  Or cordial.  Heck the Republicans are finishing up their primary effort with a lot of bruised egos, a lot of families in ruin and the type of chatter from all of the candidates that have temporarily destroyed the image of the GOP.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Well the real campaign is about to begin.  It looks like all Mitt Romney all of the time now as he is the presumptive nominee of the GOP to take on Barack Obama.  And the televisions in each of our homes will be inundated with political advertising non-stop and each side will pull out all stops to win the White House.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

This commercial from the Obama Campaign is just the beginning.  Just the start.  And this is calm compared at what many expect will be the nastiest run for the White House ever.

Yeah we say that every four years but this is for real.

YouTube Preview Image

The amazing element you’re left with is the calmness of this commercial.  And shows that each campaign is ready to yell and scream but also relax us during this intense political season.

One thing we can all say…this is going to be fun.

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Emotional Sendoff Via Yes Network for the New Jersey Nets, Gov Chris Christie Says “Good Riddance”

April 24th, 2012 No comments

It’s been 35 years since the New York Nets of the old school American Basketball Association became the New Jersey Nets after they gained entrance in to the National Basketball Association.  You may remember that the great Julius Erving, more known as Dr. J, played for the ABA team but he ended up in Philly playing for the Sixers but the New York Nets became the New Jersey Nets.  See the New York Knicks would have nothing to do with another team with a New York first name.

Hello New Jersey.

YouTube Preview Image

Yeah it was ego and a mess as the ABA folded and four teams became members of the NBA.  Let’s see if I can remember…the Nets, the Indiana Pacers, the Utah Stars which became the Utah Jazz and the San Antonio Spurs.  All ABA teams now in the NBA.

Well the New Jersey Nets are dead.  Gone.  Now becoming the Brooklyn Nets with limited partner Jay Z and a Russian multi billionaire guy that decided to move the team to Brooklyn.   Now they are to become the Brooklyn Nets.

Sounds kinda dumb, ya think?  Well don’t bring this up to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

YouTube Preview Image

It was emotional.  More emotional for Chris Christie who made a typical Chris Christie response of  “good riddance” to the team, showing once again why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will never be President because he’s not gotten the word that being a smart ass is not a personality trait for a guy that would sit in the Oval Office.

But his response was damn funny.

You gotta love the guy though.  You really do.  The New Jersey Nets have ended 35 years in the state of New Jersey and feel that it’s best for them to move to Brooklyn.  Which long term is a good move most would think but because the team pretty much stinks.  And with Jeremy Lin-Sanity going on at the New York Knicks, nobody in New York give two hoots about the Nets.  Brooklyn or New Jersey.

But anyway watch the videos.  They are damn funny.  One truly emotional from the announcers on the local cable channel Yes Network, the other from fat boy Chris Christie.

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TV’s Newly Reigning ‘Most Followed Couple’ Guiliana and Bill Rancic, Finally Having a Baby

April 24th, 2012 No comments

Most times with these people in the reality television world, I say who cares.  I write about it but I really, truly, deep down inside say who cares.  But I have to admit that I started this blog as a getaway.  A getaway from the every day trials and tribulations of my real business of marketing for big and small clients who sometimes drive me to a very expensive glass of scotch.

I love my clients.


'Today Show's Ann Curry with Bill and Guiliana Rancic

But after writing about the stupidity and the lack of morals from most reality show characters like Snookie or any of the Kardashian’s exploits, the knuckleheads on any of the Real Housewives series, for some reason Guiliana and Bill Rancic are worth following. 

And writing about on this blog.

You just feel a part of their “arduous journey” as one of my friends titled her very similar battle with breast cancer.  Guiliana and Bill Rancic have gone through this process together as a couple.  I can say that my friend’s “arduous journey” with the same medical issue as Guiliana and Bill Rancic ended with her boyfriend taking a hike.  I guess that’s a pretty good reason to follow this couple and give Bill Rancic a lot of props for sticking around.

On the reality series Guiliana and Bill, those of us interested in their journey watched as they discussed their goal of having a baby.  And now that dream, after Guiliana’s battle with breast cancer continues, has come to reality.  The couple announced on NBC’s Today Show that they are expecting.  A baby that is.

“It was just another world,” said Guiliana Rancic with husband Bill on the Today Show after learning of the pregnancy.  Bill and Guiliana know the sex of the baby but have not revealed that to the general public.

The baby is being carried by a surrogate mother.  But surely you just can’t help but follow this couple and really it’s so strange that a guy could care about reality personalities doing anything.  Gotta figure doing something good makes the difference.

Stay tuned.  More to come on Bill and Guiliana  Rancic.

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Read This Article, MIT Professor Takes on Our Limited Social Skills Via New Technology

April 23rd, 2012 No comments

Every day I get an e-mail from the New York Times with headlines of the past day’s activities and great commentary.  Sorry to have to say that I haven’t picked up a physical edition of the newspaper in many years.  I, like many, have gone completely digital when receiving news beyond the entertainment stuff in the TV world that I write about every day.

But this article from MIT shrink and professor Sherry Turkle takes everyone of us down from our high horse in the new age of technology and smacks us right in the mouth.  Without question one of the best articles written detailing the decline of conversation among us with the increase use of texting, emailing and posting on social sites.  Her examples of how we have all become members of The Walking Dead with our focus on cell phones and earphones leaving zero time for conversation are perfectly crafted in this story.

MIT Professor Sherry Turkle

MIT Professor Sherry Turkle

What professor Sherry Turkle writes is so true.  So true.  To the point where everyone that has sent a text, an e-mail or posted some content on a social site will relate to the simple question as to why we just can’t pick up a phone and call that person or persons.  Communicating like we used to do, not so many years ago.

One part of the article titled The Flight from Conversation is below.  Once again probably the best article I’ve read in a long time and I’m sharing the New York Times link with everyone I know because it will relate to each one of us in a lot of ways.  We can each chat about several examples of The Walking Dead among us.  We each could probably chat about these examples several times a day.

YouTube Preview Image

“I am a partisan for conversation. To make room for it, I see some first, deliberate steps. At home, we can create sacred spaces: the kitchen, the dining room. We can make our cars “device-free zones.” We can demonstrate the value of conversation to our children. And we can do the same thing at work. There we are so busy communicating that we often don’t have time to talk to one another about what really matters. Employees asked for casual Fridays; perhaps managers should introduce conversational Thursdays. Most of all, we need to remember — in between texts and e-mails and Facebook posts — to listen to one another, even to the boring bits, because it is often in unedited moments, moments in which we hesitate and stutter and go silent, that we reveal ourselves to one another.”

Sherry Turkle, New York Times article – The Flight from Conversation – April 21, 2012

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Metta World Peace Turns Back in to Ron Artest on National Television

April 22nd, 2012 No comments
YouTube Preview Image
Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) Elbows James Harden the NBA on ABC
Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) Elbows James Harden the NBA on ABC

There’s something mentally wrong with Ron Artest.  He’s simply loco.  Crazy.  Whacked out completely.  Oh yeah, there is no more Ron Artest legally, is there?


But Ron Artest has made his return to prominence, the sort of prominence that almost ended his career for a short period of time when he was an Indiana Pacer as he and his then teammates decided they could go one on one against the Detroit Pistons and their ghetto fans in November of 2004.

Ron Artest and the Indiana Pacers, going after hundreds of fans in Detroit, well they lost.

In the worst experience ever in an NBA game in the league’s history, there was Ron Artest in the middle of the mess.   This year the well traveled and much maligned player with the Los Angeles Lakers changes his name to Metta World Peace.  Whatever the hell that means just went to shit this afternoon at the Staples Center in Los Angeles as the true Ron Artest returned to the NBA with a cheap shot elbow to the head of the Oklahoma City Thunder player James Harden.

The suspension won’t be pretty.  It really won’t.  The NBA, in the midst of a shortened season after pissing off fans for the player lockout, was experiencing a serious resurgence.  NBA commissioner David Stern will come down hard on Metta World Peace or Ron Artest as we call him now for today’s activity.

Ron Artest…Metta World Peace has done it again.  He has embarrassed himself and the NBA with today’s completely unnecessary flagrant foul and ejection in today’s game.  The Lakers beat the Thunder in a great game marred by a simpleton that is named Metta World Peace.  Or Ron Artest.

“That’s disgraceful…what a disgrace,” said the announcer on the game being carried by ABC Television today.  And it was a disgrace.

What did Ron Artest have to say about his stupidity?  “It was unfortunate that James has to get hit with an unintentional elbow,” was his comment after the game.  “I hope he’s OK.” 

What a fucking idiot.

Ron Artest is back!  Ron Artest is back!!!  “One of the strongest guys in the league,” taking a cheap shot against an unsuspecting player, continued the announcer when describing Ron Artest AKA Metta World Peace. 

Ron Artest is back.

Rick Thomas

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Dick Clark, ‘American Bandstand’ and Jonathan Frid, ‘Dark Shadows’

April 19th, 2012 No comments

ABC-TV is taking a big hit over the last 24 hours.  The passing of the TV icon Dick Clark was more than enough for fans of the television network and the praises of Dick Clark’s contribution to TV and music keep on keeping on.

ABC carried American Bandstand every Saturday afternoon and those of us old enough to remember just loved American Bandstand.

YouTube Preview Image

Now comes word of another passing of a huge cult start of the old school original vampire daytime drama Dark Shadows.  Another show as a kid you never missed.  School was out at 3PM and there was a mad rush to get home before 3:30PM to watch Dark Shadows.  The great Canadian actor Jonathan Frid passed away several days ago at 87 years of age.

YouTube Preview Image

General Hospital at 3PM.  That was for Mom.  Dark Shadows at 3:30PM for me.  Then American Bandstand on Saturday afternoons with Dick Clark.

Lots of great memories of both programs.  Great television on ABC.

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One of TV’s Most Creative Commercials, Nokia’s All New ‘Lumia 900′

April 17th, 2012 No comments
Leelee Sobieski is

Well we’ve been snookered.  Bamboozled.  Defrauded.  Sold a plot of quicksand in New Jersey where they said we could build a casino.

YouTube Preview Image

The smart-phones we’ve been sold up until now have been nothing more than a test according to one of television’s most creative commercials.  Whatever you’re using as a smart-phone, whatever you’ve been sold by Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T or whomever you’ve been conned.

Today it’s all about the Lumia 900, the new smart-phone from Nokia. Now I must say I watch a lot of TV but have never been moved to find out more about the Lumia 900 or any smart-phone.

Until watching this commercial. I was actually watching the premiere episode of the new CBS drama NYC 22 and for some reason I didn’t speed past the commercials and saw this one minute “spot” as they are called in the ad world for the Nokia Lumia 900.

Sounds like a really dumb name, doesn’t it? So they had to create a real good commercial.

And by the way the new cop show NTC 22 wasn’t as bad as I expected.

Nice job Nokia. To be honest, there’s no commercial on television today that can sell me anything. Being in the marketing business, I am truly not a sucker. But this one suckered me in big time .

So here we go. Check it out.

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Another Use of the “F” Word, Yes Bob Beckel, FOX News Channel, Your Microphone is On (Video)

April 17th, 2012 No comments

So many of us with past lives in broadcasting have to admit we’ve all either done this actually on the air or came very, very close.  One thing that a lot of people in broadcasting seem to forget is no matter whether the red camera light is on or off, the microphones could always be active.

That means live.

That means the damn micrphone is on and you’re on the air.

YouTube Preview Image

Bob Beckel, a  talking head over at FOX News Channel, can’t seem to understand that and a conversation about Head Start on the network Monday night went oh so far in the wrong direction.

The network took a commercial break during Sean Hannity’s show on FOX News after a heated chat between Bob Beckel and Jennifer Stefano when he dropped the “f” bomb on live television.

Beckel thought they were still running more commercials on the network yet they were live.

Sean Hannity had a baby.  Live on FOX News.  “Whoa…You just cursed on the air,” said Hannity in pure shock after Beckel’s statement.

Beckel co-hosts  The Five which is about to become the f0ur after this boo boo.  Watch for yourself but as always take little Mary and Johnny off your lap or keep the audio very low.

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The King is Dead, ‘Good Morning America’ Beats the ‘Today Show’ in Viewers

April 16th, 2012 No comments

It took 16 long years for ABC to put out this press release.  Been dusted off many times while it sat in someone’s computer or wordprocessor as they used to be called way back when.  Yes, for those of you who can still remember, we used to use wordprocessors back then to write stories.

That’s how long it’s been.

For Good Morning America to officially annuonce that it has topped the monster in the morning, NBC’s Today Show, in overall number of viewers for the week of April 9th.

The “we’re number 1″ chant could be heard from Times Square in Manhattan to as far west as Burbank and if you don’t think there are a lot of happy people at ABC today, well there are a lot of really happy people over at ABC.

The Today Show has been shedding viewers consistently over the past several years with Good Morning America nipping at their toes, inching up week to week.  And the Katie Couric stunt surely helped bring new viewers over to ABC which definitetly helped in getting Good Morning America over the top by a winning margin of 13,000 more viewers.

Senior exectuive producer Tom Cibrowski said in a statement “we want to thank out loyal viewers, our stations” and the on-air team which gave them the number one slot.  ABC has not done that well in the morning since December 4th of 1995.

Still to be seen if they can hold on to that ranking.  NBC is not going to take this second placement for long.  But this is big, really big.

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Another Example of Why Brothas Don’t Do Animal Stories, Like the ‘Today Show’s Al Roker

April 15th, 2012 No comments

See this will never happen in the hood.  I mean the hood.  Anybody ever hear of a bear loose in Inglewood?  Compton?  North Philly?  Harlem?


We don’t do animals.  Especially wild animals.  We leave that to the suburbs.  Like the La Crescenta area of California.  Wherever the hell La Crescenta is.

YouTube Preview Image

This crazy white dude, after hearing that a big ass bear is hanging out in his neighborhood, decides that he’s going to walk around and check out what’s going on around his neighborhood after everyone else in the area is taking refuge indoors because they know there’s a big ass bear roaming around in their community.

Now for the record a brother is not going to come out.  For many reasons a brother, like the Today Show‘s Al Roker, ain’t stepping to the forefront to deal with a fucking bear.

“Fuck you,” says Al Roker when they want him to do animal segments.

See because the black a bear just might think Al Roker is a threat so most brothers, like Mr. Al, just says I’m not getting involved in that segment.

Smart dude.

But no this white dude in La Crescenta just walks around his condo complex like he’s at The Grove and The Farmer’s Market in Hollywood enjoying a day at Nordstrom’s.

That’s the fastest I’ve seen a white dude run since the summer Olympics.  He took the hell off once that two tons of fun bear came a few feet from this moron trying to play Steven Seagal in an episode of Reelz Channel’s True Justice.

Bottom line.  He won’t do that again.  And of course you saw no brothas anywhere in the vicinity.  Nowhere.  Cause we ain’t dealing with no big ass bear in the suburbs.

I’m staying right here in the city.  Would rather get stabbed on Serrano rather than deal with a bear.  But you be the judge.  What would you do?

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